10 Billion User Passwords Leaked, Forbes Report

10 Billion User Passwords Leaked, Forbes Report
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10 Billion User Passwords Leaked, Forbes Report

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According to Forbes reports, security researchers have issued a warning about the largest database of password leaks.

At the end of last week, hackers leaked about 10 billion unique passwords on a well-known forum.

On the forum, they posted a text file called the database ‘RockYou2024’, which contains a staggering 9.5 billion unique passwords in plain language.

According to cyber news experts, the theft of such a large number of passwords can lead to an increase in cases of data breaches, financial fraud and identity theft.

According to experts, the leaked database appears to be a mix of old and new data breaches.

According to them, the leaked data is a compilation of real-world passwords, used by people all over the world, which puts most of the users’ information at risk.

According to experts, users who use the same credentials and passwords for different platforms have their data most at risk.

In view of this, experts have issued instructions to internet users to change their passwords so that their information is safe.

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