20 rank improvement in Pakistan’s travel and tourism global ranking

20 rank improvement in Pakistan’s travel and tourism global ranking
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20 rank improvement in Pakistan’s travel and tourism global ranking

Pakistan has improved by 20 ranks compared to 2019—Photo: File

Islamabad: Pakistan has secured the 101st position in the world ranking of travel and tourism with an improvement of 20 places.

In the report issued by the World Economic Forum, Pakistan has been placed at the 101st place in the global ranking of travel and tourism and has improved by 20 places compared to 2019.

Pakistan’s score was 3.41 in 2019 which has become 3.6 in 2024.

In the report, Pakistan has been classified as a lower middle income economy in the Asia Pacific group, with the United States, Spain, Japan, France, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, China, Italy and Switzerland in the top 10 countries. included.

The share of the top 10 countries in the global GDP of travel and tourism is close to 75%, in the Asia and Pacific group, Pakistan has performed significantly in the last few years.

According to the report, Pakistan is rich in natural and cultural resources, but there are also challenges for the travel and tourism sector due to air transport infrastructure problems in the country.

Mashal Pakistan Chief Executive Officer Aamir Jahangir while addressing the event held on the occasion of the release of the report said that the improvement in Pakistan’s ranking reflects the efforts to promote tourism in the country, in this regard Pakistan Tourism Development Authority And the role of other institutions is commendable.

He described the role of the World Bank as important to integrate the tourism sector in the country and said that PTDC and the World Bank brought together all the partners of the sector on one platform and held public policy talks. paved the way, which has given the provinces an opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences.

Aamir Jahangir said that the report has provided opportunities to understand and learn from global trends in travel and tourism sectors.

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