Another blow to Israel

Another blow to Israel
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Another blow to Israel

Netanyahu’s foreign policy regarding Gaza has proved to be a complete failure. Photo: File

Regarding Palestine, Israel has faced a big failure in Europe.

According to media reports, three European countries, Spain, Norway and Ireland, have recognized Palestine as a state. This decision of these countries will be applied from May 28. The three countries are members of the European Union, the decision of these countries can be judged by the thinking of other countries of the European Union, other members of the European Union can also declare to follow this path.

This is a very important development for the Palestinians because Spain, Norway and Ireland are among the important countries in Europe. This is a big defeat for Israel because Europe usually has a soft corner for Israel, but the atrocities in Israel’s Gaza were so brutal that The people of European countries came to the streets, it became difficult for the governments of European countries to support Israel. Spain, Norway and Ireland are the beginning, now no one can stop Palestine from becoming a free and independent country and a member of the United Nations.

This is a big blow for Israel’s Netanyahu government, Netanyahu’s foreign policy regarding Gaza has proved to be a complete failure. The government of Israel has reacted strongly to the decision of Spain, Norway and Ireland. According to the world media, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netanyahu government threatened Ireland, Norway and Spain, saying that Israel will not remain silent and there will be more serious consequences.

America has also given its response to the decision of Ireland, Spain and Norway to recognize Palestine as a state. According to the international media, the statement issued by the White House said that President Joe Biden believes that Palestine should not be recognized as a state unilaterally. President Joe Biden believes that the Palestinian state should be recognized through negotiations between the parties. The White House added that President Biden has been a strong supporter of the two-state solution throughout his career.

The United States has given a very careful response, considering that the President of the United States said that Israel should be taken into confidence and Palestine should be recognized as a state. With the US presidential election coming up, the American public is against Israel’s atrocities in Gaza, so President Joe Biden wants to please both anti-Israel and pro-Israel voters.

Saudi Arabia has welcomed the decision of Norway, Spain and Ireland. With regard to the international media, the domestic media has said that the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said in a statement that the international consensus has been confirmed by the commendable action of the three countries. Is.

The statement further said that the Palestinian people have the inherent right to self-determination, other countries should also take a position to recognize the Palestinian state as soon as possible. The statement of the Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei also came out. According to a foreign news agency, in his statement, Ayatollah Khamenei said that the establishment of a Palestinian state from the river to the sea will be recognized.

Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahrstor said that if the Palestinian state is not recognized, there can be no peace in the Middle East, so we have decided that Norway will recognize the Palestinian state until May 28. The Norwegian Foreign Minister announced. It is said that if the International Court of Justice issues arrest warrants for the Israeli Prime Minister and Defense Minister over the genocide of Palestinians, Norway will arrest both of them.

Jordan praised Ireland, Norway and Spain’s joint initiative to recognize the state of Palestine as an important and necessary step towards a Palestinian state. In a joint press conference with his Hungarian counterpart in Amman, he said that we welcome the decisions of the friendly European countries to recognize the Palestinian state.

He said we value this decision and consider it an important and necessary step towards a two-state solution that would create an independent, sovereign Palestinian state along the June 1967 borders. The decisions will be part of a broader movement that will set Jordan and all countries in the region on a clear path towards a just and comprehensive peace that is the only guarantee of security and stability for Palestine, Israel and the region.

He added that the process of recognizing Palestine marks an important and necessary step in response to the Israeli government’s actions that not only reject the two-state solution, but also the region in terms of practical steps on the ground. His comments came after Dublin, Madrid and Oslo announced that they would recognize a Palestinian state on May 28 amid the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip. .

According to the Palestinian Authority, which has limited powers in parts of the occupied West Bank, 142 of the 193 member states of the United Nations have already recognized a Palestinian state. are ready, but before that there must be an agreement on thorny issues such as its final borders and the status of Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, Israel continues its operations in Gaza. Since October 7, more than four thousand Palestinians have been martyred in Gaza. The United Nations’ World Food Program has said a new $320 million U.S. project to deliver aid to Gaza could fail unless Israel makes conditions safe for humanitarian aid workers.

The head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, says that it is not difficult to save the lives of the residents of Gaza, but it has been made practically impossible. The leader of Anti-Tank Missile Unit 414 claimed to have killed Ahmad Yasir al-Qara. The next day, 3 Israeli soldiers were killed and many were injured in an operation by Hamas in northern Gaza.

Due to Israel’s ongoing atrocities in Gaza, there is an atmosphere of war in the entire Middle East. The United Nations is clearly against Israel’s atrocities. The Hague Court of International Justice has also given a decision against Israel, but Israel is still not accepting anyone’s words. The Red Sea is also unsafe due to its stubbornness. According to the next day’s news, American and British planes have carried out six air strikes on Hudaydah Airport.

The airport in western Yemen is under the control of the Houthi group. According to Arab TV, US and British forces have launched operations in the Red Sea under the “Prosperity Protection Coalition” after the Houthi group attacked commercial and military ships in the Red Sea in response to the Israeli offensive on Gaza. Attacks started.

The Houthi group said in a statement that it was targeting commercial ships bound for Israeli ports with the aim of pressuring Israeli forces to allow aid and medicine to enter the Gaza Strip. End the blockade of Gaza. The Houthi group said it would continue to target commercial and military ships in the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean until Israel ends its imposed war on the Gaza Strip.

The government of Israel also needs to realize the gravity of the situation. In the current situation, the United States, Great Britain and France are standing with Israel, while many countries of the European Union have warned Israel to stop the atrocities in Gaza. The fighting in Gaza must stop and an independent Palestinian state can be established.

Another blow to Israel