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As soon as Reham Khan landed in the UK, she received a divorce message, traditional family disputes remained, dogs were also banned from entering the rooms: Daily Mail

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As soon as Reham Khan landed in the UK, she received a divorce message, traditional family disputes remained, dogs were also banned from entering the rooms: Daily Mail

London (Monitoring Desk) A British newspaper has claimed that Imran Khan divorced Reham Khan through an SMS on his mobile phone, not an email, and in this context, Imran Khan used the word “divorce” three times in the SMS. wrote After that, he also sent a short email to Reham Khan, the newspaper wrote that from Imran Khan’s friends to the arrival of his beloved dogs in the bedroom, the husband and wife used to quarrel over everything. As much as the marriage of both of them was with Shadomad, it ended in the midst of fierce quarrels, while Reham Khan was also jealous of Imran’s close relationship with Jemima.

The relationship was broken, so the relationship was not saved: Reham Khan, click here for details.
According to the report, Reham Khan was on a flight to Birmingham when Imran Khan sent the divorce SMS, and when she landed at the Birmingham airport, she received the divorce SMS. After receiving the SMS and email, a phone call was also made to Reham Khan by Imran Khan’s Chief of Staff to confirm the receipt of the SMS.

What caused the separation from Jemima? Finally, Imran Khan revealed the secret, know the details.
Daily Mail has mentioned in its report with reference to the sources that Imran Khan decided to divorce to get rid of his “mana zor” wife, if Reham Khan knows that she is going to get divorced, then she will never be Bani Gala. She did not leave and did not go to Birmingham. Reham Khan had a severe shock on receiving the SMS of divorce and she was very upset. A senior official of Tehreek-e-Insaf took her from Birmingham to London in a car where a close friend of Imran Khan. The associate started negotiations with Reham Khan on divorce and huge money transactions. The name of this close associate is Zulfi Bukhari who is a billionaire businessman. Zulfi Bukhari met Reham Khan for 3 hours in a hotel near Knights Bridge. After that, both of them left in a luxury car.

Formal Divorce in Imran and Reham, both signed the papers, click here for details.
Soon after the wedding, Reham Khan told her friends that there was no such thing as discipline in Imran Khan’s Bani Gala palace and there was a scandal. Reham Khan first banned Imran Khan’s dogs from entering the inner rooms and confined them to a corner room. Reham Khan did not allow the dogs to come into the house, despite Imran Khan’s repeated “pleadings”. After that, the house was reorganized, mostly taking care of all the needs of Reham Khan’s 2 daughters and one son. One daughter lived with Reham while the other 2 often visited.

Jemima explains the reason behind her separation from Imran Khan, click here for details.
After the marriage, Reham Khan’s relatives moved to Bani Gala, they used to come every day, but Imran Khan’s nephews and other relatives were treated very coldly there. The Daily Mail, citing family sources, writes that Bani Gala. A battleground was created as Reham Khan was determined to dominate all aspects of her husband Imran Khan’s life. Reham Khan made Imran Khan’s life a living hell. Surprisingly, Imran Khan prolonged these conditions as much as he could. Imran Khan and Reham Khan quarreled over everything possible. From dogs coming into the bedroom to visiting friends. Reham Khan was also very jealous of her husband Imran Khan’s close relationship with his ex-wife Jemima Khan.

Imran is the best husband, never hurt Jemima: Reham Khan, click here for details.
According to the newspaper, on the other hand, Imran Khan’s sisters had made it clear to their brother that as long as Reham Khan is in his house, she will not come there. Apart from the differences in the house, Reham Khan also criticized Imran Khan’s position in front of the public. Disagreeed many times. In a conservative country like Pakistan, where women are very shy and can’t even think of going beyond a limit, Reham Khan gained fame for all the wrong reasons and kept making media headlines. She married her ex-husband Dr. Ijaz. He did not even forgive the differences with Rahman, but after his marriage with Imran Khan, he presented them to the world by increasing them further.

We have nothing to do with the divorce of Imran Khan and Reham Khan, sister Rani, click here for details.
Daily Mail has written in the report that Reham Khan was determined to play a greater role than Imran Khan in Pakistani politics, she became more news for the media than Imran Khan. The media was giving her more coverage than Imran Khan. , what Reham Khan is eating, what she is cooking, what she is wearing was being shown and Imran Khan had strong reservations about it as it was totally against his political message. This increased the internal differences of Tehreek-e-Insaf to such an extent that the relationship between Imran Khan and the party leaders who provided financial support to Tehreek-e-Insaf became quite strained.

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More Detail Source at Click Here
Reham Khan, the ex-wife of former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, reportedly landed in the UK only to receive a divorce message. The traditional family disputes that have been ongoing between her and Imran Khan’s family also continued.

Furthermore, it has been reported that dogs were banned from entering the rooms where Reham Khan was staying in the UK. This detail adds another layer to the ongoing conflicts and tensions within the family.

It seems that despite being in a different country, the drama and controversies surrounding Reham Khan’s personal life and relationships continue to follow her.

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