‘Besieged in hostel, reports of attack again’ messages from Pakistani students from Bishkek

‘Besieged in hostel, reports of attack again’ messages from Pakistani students from Bishkek
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‘Besieged in hostel, reports of attack again’ messages from Pakistani students from Bishkek

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Bishkek: The messages of students from Okara, Azad Kashmir, Fort Abbas and Badin stranded in Kyrgyzstan came to light, they are trapped in the hostel where they were attacked and beaten up and they have run out of food and drink.

Students from Vadivakkara, Kyrgyz riots chased away their parents, in which local miscreants could be seen attacking and torturing students.

Pakistani students have been locked in their rooms due to fear, a student named Arsalan Haider has contacted his parents and told them that they have run out of food items, due to which the students are very worried.

Arsalan Haider’s brother Bilal appealed to the government to make arrangements to bring his brother to Pakistan.

The parents of the male and female students trapped in the hostels have appealed to the Prime Minister of Pakistan to provide protection to their children there.

Students of Kotli

Around 30 students of Kotli in Kyrgyzstan are trapped in different hostels, the affected students have told their families in contact and video messages that they have run out of food and drink and their access to water has also been blocked. Is.

The affected students say that they are being threatened by local students but they cannot leave the country because their parents are taking loans to educate them.

Students say that our lives are under serious threat and there are reports of renewed attacks at night. He has told in his messages that since last day we are being harassed, the government should help us.

Students of Fort Abbas

Meanwhile, Express News has released a video message of the stranded medical students of Fort Abbas in Kyrgyzstan, in which Dr. Muhammad Sajid, a trapped student, said that the mobile phones were taken away from the students and Pakistani girls were also being harassed by going to the girls’ hostel. Is.

Dr. Muhammad Sajid said that when we call the embassy, ​​Tuan’s reply comes that we have informed the police. While the police themselves are involved with them and they have come up with the whole planning.

Another student, Abdullah Kamboh, said that around 100 students from Fort Abbas are studying in Bishkek, and dozens of them are stuck.

He said that the Pakistani students stuck in Bishkek are very worried and we are left besieged.

Abdullah Kamboh said that local people have been torturing foreign students since yesterday, they came to our hostel and beat us, as a result of which three or four students were injured.

Students of Badin

Along with other Pakistanis, two students from Badin, Haris and Abdullah, are also trapped in the Bishkek hostel.

Haris, the stranded student, has asked in his message that the Pakistani embassy should help us to get home. On the other hand, the worried parents of these students have also appealed to the government to bring their children safely to Pakistan.

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