Broken pearls – Express Urdu

Broken pearls – Express Urdu
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Broken pearls – Express Urdu

Syed Mukhtar Bacha was discussed in the previous column, now before saying anything more about it, let’s talk about Asad Afridi.

Syed Mukhtar Bacha and Asad Afridi were both stalwarts of the progressive movement – ​​one was the central secretary of the party and Asad Afridi was the provincial secretary. Both were childhood friends and were always together in political and ideological struggles. When Bachaji died, ten days later Asad Afridi also died. He was the senior vice-chairman of Qaumi Watan Party Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Mukhtar Bacha did revolutionary politics all his life ‘When the revolution reached the door of Pakistan, the Soviet Union suddenly dissolved, thus the entire world socialist block also disintegrated, the progressive movement in Pakistan also came to an end, during this period of despair, Syed Mukhtar Bachaji issued a pamphlet called “Bakhre Moti”. Some parts of this last message of Bachaji are recited.

He has written that I have been a political activist, not an intellectual, I can comment based on objective observations, secondly, I have had very little contact with friends outside Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, so I will write based on Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Engineer Jameel Malik’s sarcasm is acceptable.

“After the end of the bipolar world, the left-wing activists dispersed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Pakistan. Gravity (Communist Party) is no more and these asteroids are still wandering in search of their place in the space. With the passage of time, some Some formations are beginning to emerge, but all are waiting for a blunt answer to the destination. However, the cores that are being formed at this time come down to the criteria of identification. The following may occur.

Heirs to the Communist Party’s namesake ‘Stalinist assessment to energize their thought during the George’s era’ strongly reasserts their belief that ‘the socialist movement after Stalin has suffered from opportunism or conspiracies’. Needs to be erected.

After Stalin came to office, the Marxist movement suffered a deviation. Otherwise, this day would not have been seen and the revolution would not have failed. The revolution needs to be established in its original form (according to him). The Fourth International, various groups of followers of Leon Trotsky who I Lal Khan’s group is more effective.

Progress is impossible without bringing the people together and supporting their general demands. The wishes of the people cannot bring revolution. While playing their full role in bourgeois democracy, attention should be paid to small steps. People’s Workers’ Party. And this is the position of Pakistan National Party. “Getting results from small political groups is ‘unattainable’. Aligning yourself with the big political parties can give them a positive spin,” worry some friends in the ANP and Qaumi Watan Party.

Scattered pearls are not poetry. In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, these are thousands of pearls, whether they are located on mountains or in deserts, cities, villages, factories or fields. See you’, the basic contradiction in their minds usually remains the same.

Some time ago, there was a gathering of friends from different districts (who are now in different parties) in Peshawar. They had the same position on the situation of the region on the issue of Talibanization, the reasons and the plan of action, etc. said to these friends that you are a separate community, tribe or clan among human beings because long austerities and worries have made you kundan “never have fired a pistol but have been climbing the fronts” kings and nawabs There are hatches in front of you.

If there is harshness on the nation or martial law, then you are in the front row. When other so-called political elites keep quiet, you keep confirming the Marxist thought on every front at all times. Fazil has many PHDs in Chemistry, Physics, Social Sciences, but his knowledge travels in one direction, while you have a Marxist approach, I am sure you are capable of finding a way out of any situation, years of hard work. And thought has turned them into pearls, but they no longer have the ability to be a catalyst. The continuity of students has stopped. They have not left heirs.

Colleagues have only been limited to the funerals of old colleagues. If they had not been dispersed, they would have become an immense power today (due to the conspiracies of some colleagues). When I came, the process of breaking up of the bipolar world began. Gorbachev stated that “No to cold war.” The cold war was between two systems. There was an opinion that a new Congress should be called. This proposal was rejected by the friends in the central committee meeting.

The one-sided propaganda of the Western press continued on the collapse of the Soviet Union, but there were no serious discussions in the left wing. Apart from the Trotskyites, there are four types of opinions on the collapse of the Soviet Union in the left wing of Pakistan.

The leadership of the Soviet Union has deviated, which sooner or later will return to the old position. The thinking of CR Islam Imam Ali Nazish, etc. There was socialism for seventy years. Humans have experimented before. This was also an experiment that failed. It was capitalism. It is the only way of development. Professor Jamal Naqvi, Afrasiab Khattak’s idea. There was socialism for seventy years, which also affected capitalism. The new fair form of etc. etc.

No one could philosophically challenge the three components of the Marxist theory (surplus value, class struggle, historical and dialectical materialism) because there is no substitute for this fact. Socialism will come in a new form in the new age. It is not possible to determine ‘in the distant future new conditions and new values ​​will determine the form of socialism’ there is a need to set up a change program for the future.

Broken pearls – Express Urdu