Portsmouth academic develops ‘perfect espresso’ formula – Asia News

Mathematicians and physicists might not be the first people you would think to consult about the perfect coffee. But a team of researchers including Dr Jamie Foster, a mathematician... Read more »

Boris Johnson: ‘Global warming is taking its toll’ – Asia News

The prime minister has warned that climate change is harming “the most vulnerable populations around the planet”. Boris Johnson’s comments came at a launch event for the COP26 climate... Read more »

Sir David Attenborough: 'Now is the moment' – Asia News

The broadcaster and naturalist says the Glasgow climate summit later this year is “extremely important”. A Source From https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-51368482 Read more »

O’Neill: PM ‘doesn’t really get’ climate change – Asia News

Former minister Claire O’Neill has told the BBC the prime minister “doesn’t really get” climate change. “The prime minister has made incredibly warm statements about this over the years,”... Read more »

Newcastle University films grey seals clapping underwater – Asia News

Researchers believe they are the first to film grey seals clapping their flippers underwater. Dr Ben Burville from Newcastle University has spent 17 years trying to capture a seal... Read more »

Cycling through Europe’s deadliest air – Asia News

Cities in parts of Europe have been suffering from some of the worst air quality in the world. Winter smog has become a big issue in the Western Balkans.... Read more »

Inside the hidden ‘power tunnels’ of London – Asia News

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Could you handle the most remote campsite on earth? – Asia News

In order to gain a clearer understanding of how sea levels can rise worldwide, scientists are camping out in Antarctica. Everything is a chilly struggle, from keeping your feet... Read more »

Amazon rainforest: The 90-year-old trying to stop destruction – Asia News

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Coronavirus: The US laboratory developing a vaccine – Asia News

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