Lebanon scraps WhatsApp tax as protests rage

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Thousands have taken to the streets over the handling of an economic crisis Protests raged for a second day in Lebanon despite the government... Read more »

Robot learns to deliver packages, plus other tech news

BBC Click’s Omar Mehtab looks at some of the week’s best technology stories including: A robotic hand solves a Rubik’s cube Nasa unveils a new prototype spacesuit which could... Read more »

League of Legends: Boss says it’s ‘not for casual players’

Image copyright Riot Games Riot Games know a little bit about appealing to gamers. After all, 100 million of them play their game League of Legends. This week LoL... Read more »

Ghost nets: Tackling a silent killer of the seas

Image copyright Giannis Athinaios Image caption Jannis Athinaios has been fishing off the coast of Greece for over three decades Jannis Athinaios is preparing to sell his merchandise, an... Read more »

Facebook chief rules out banning political adverts

Image copyright Facebook Image caption Mr Zuckerberg gave his speech to an audience of students and others at Georgetown University in Washington DC Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg has said... Read more »

Vatican launches new ‘eRosary’ bracelet

Image copyright Vatican News Image caption The “eRosary” is activated by making the sign of a cross The Vatican is hoping to pull in tech-savvy youngsters with the launch... Read more »

India’s on a digital sprint that is leaving millions behind

Image copyright AFP Image caption India’s rural internet density is poor India has more than 630 million internet subscribers. But for every Indian who has access to the internet,... Read more »

UK’s controversial ‘porn blocker’ plan dropped

Image copyright Getty Images The government has dropped a plan to use strict age verification checks to stop under-18s viewing porn online. It said the policy, which was initially... Read more »

Twitter tweaks rules after calls to ban Trump

Image copyright Reuters Twitter has said if politicians break its rules, their tweets may be quarantined, meaning users cannot reply to it, “like” it or share it. The tweaked... Read more »

‘Send nudes’ Boohoo ad banned after complaint

Image copyright Boohoo Image caption Boohoo said the word “nudes” referred to a beige jacket a model was wearing UK fashion company Boohoo has been told one of its... Read more »