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Certain hair products can damage kidneys, experts say

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Certain hair products can damage kidneys, experts say

Tunisia: A young woman who came to a hair salon to get her hair straightened has suffered severe kidney damage after which medical experts have issued a warning regarding hair products.

According to media reports, the incident was reported in the New England Journal of Medicine in which a 26-year-old Tunisian woman developed kidney problems during multiple sessions at a hair salon between June 2020 and July 2022.

The report was prepared by French doctors and sent to the editor of the journal. Doctors have linked certain hair straightening and straightening products to kidney damage.

Experts said that when the woman came for the check-up, she had no pre-existing medical problems. Female quality, fever, diarrhea and severe back pain.

After research, the doctors noted that the symptoms appeared on the same day that the woman visited the salon. The woman reported sore and irritated scalp during each session at the hair salon. Upon examination, doctors found that the woman had elevated creatinine levels in her blood, which is a result of chemicals used in hair products.

When women went to the salon, the hair stylist would apply a cream containing 10% glyoxalic acid to their hair. This chemical is what researchers say is harmful to the kidneys.

In a letter to the editor, the team of doctors also said that products containing glyoxylic acid, which is poisonous to kidneys, should be avoided and it would be better to ban such products. The article also stated that a similar incident has occurred with 26 patients in Israel who suffered severe kidney damage after hair straightening.

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