China Russia growing closeness, NATO’s increasing steps

China Russia growing closeness, NATO’s increasing steps
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China Russia growing closeness, NATO’s increasing steps

The Chinese president said that Beijing and Moscow are keeping a close eye on several important issues, including Ukraine.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin have condemned America’s increasingly aggressive behavior and the two countries have agreed to further strengthen already close defense and military ties.

The Chinese president said that Beijing and Moscow are keeping a close eye on several important issues, including Ukraine. The joint statement said that Russia and China are threatened by America’s global defense missile system. On the other hand, America has said that China has to choose between the West or Russia. These two tasks cannot be done simultaneously.

US and European policymakers are worried about the rapidly growing rapprochement between China and Russia. Different types of economic sanctions put the two countries on a platform. Experts in strategic and economic affairs say that the negative effects of the actions taken by America and Europe in the name of protecting their interests are also showing.

China, Russia and Iran’s growing ties and rapidly blossoming alliances may also gain more members. In such a situation, developing balanced policies in foreign affairs and economic affairs is a big challenge for the western policy makers. Chinese President Xi Jinping is also getting closer to Russia and Iran due to growing antagonism with America and Europe in various sectors of the economy. Together, these three countries can form such a political and economic alliance that can pose a question of survival for the economies of America and Europe.

The closeness of Russia and China is increasing. Relations between the two are at their strongest level since 1950. What is the nature of this growing closeness and what are the factors behind it? Looking for an answer to this question, the relationship between China and Russia has never been as pleasant as it is now. The reasons for the warmth in their mutual relations include the protection of their own security, pursuit of economic and strategic interests, the attitude of the US and its allies and preparation for new situations and global alignment.

A common enmity with the West and US and Western sanctions on both have brought the two countries closer and both countries support each other on issues of core interest. The US and the West are rapidly losing their economic dominance against China, while NATO faces a powerful Russia.

He considers America, Russia and China as his future strategic rivals. Its differences with China over Taiwan, Xinjiang and human rights, while with Russia over Ukraine, cyber attacks etc. The United States did not invite China and Russia to the online World Democracy Summit in recent days. As Russia and China’s relations with the United States and its allies are becoming strained, their mutual closeness and cooperation is increasing.

Non-interference in each other’s countries, unwavering mutual trust and mutual cooperation on international affairs are the hallmarks of these relations. Both have maintained constant and close contact in 2021. In May, the two attended a groundbreaking ceremony for a bilateral nuclear energy cooperation project via video link and held a phone conversation in August to discuss bilateral relations and the Afghan situation. Cooperation between Russia and China continues in the fields of politics, economy and trade, science and technology, energy and military.

China and Russia signed a memorandum of understanding to jointly establish an international scientific research station on the moon. Both have launched joint nuclear power projects, including the Tiananmen Nuclear Power Plant. USA and Europe have also imposed hundreds of economic sanctions on Russia for waging war in Ukraine. As a result, the closeness between Russia and Iran has increased. Meanwhile, the increasing antagonism of the US and Europe against China is also motivating the Chinese leadership to follow alternative paths. American and European automakers are afraid of China.

China has raised alarm bells for the West’s auto sector by producing affordable electric vehicles. Former US President and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has said that if he is elected president, he will impose 100% duty on Chinese-made vehicles to give a new life to the US auto sector.

Similar measures are being thought of in Europe, if this happens, China will look for more allies to give a face-to-face response to America and Europe. It is also possible that China will continue to make fun of the American and European market by producing very affordable modern vehicles. Sweden, on the other hand, has become the second new member of the alliance following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, ending decades of neutrality since World War II.

Sweden’s ratification of NATO membership strengthens the alliance in the Nordic region (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden). Now all the countries in the region have become NATO members and the Baltic Sea has become a ‘NATO Sea’ right on the doorstep of Russian President Vladimir Putin. “NATO is the most powerful defense alliance in the history of the world and is as important to ensuring the security of its citizens today as it was 75 years ago when our alliance was founded in World War II,” the White House said in a statement. Placed on the wreckage of war.

Ukraine is facing Russian advances and ammunition shortages along its 600-mile-long eastern front. European thinkers say no one yet knows how the Ukraine war will end. Despite heavy casualties, neither side is willing to back down. The war could continue for many more years as the reasons for the conflict provide Moscow with strategic justification. There are, so Ukraine has no choice but to fight or surrender.

Kiev’s dependence on Western support is increasingly limiting its military operations, experts say, as Western countries provide Ukraine with resources for defense but are reluctant to supply Ukraine with weapons that would allow it to fight Russia. Can win. The West had hoped that the increased economic costs of sanctions would eventually force Russia to withdraw from the war, but this strategy also failed, so the most likely scenario today is continued fighting.

There is also a question, if the US forces Ukraine to accept a humiliating compromise in order to avoid a nuclear war, how much will it affect the reputation of NATO or the nuclear deterrence of the West in the future? The complex contradictions of global capitalism have led to a new division of the world between the great powers.

This conflict takes the form of a counter-revolutionary struggle by imperialism to protect its interests at the expense of its geopolitical rivals and the working class in each country. Other important targets of Washington and its European allies are Iran in the Middle East and above all India, China in the Pacific.

The possibility of war with China, a direct threat to American hegemony, is no longer discussed as a possibility, but as an inevitability. Some Western analysts say that Russia should not be isolated, but China. should build alliances for growing conflicts with .

Americans have always complained about the lack of will in Europe, but will America remain a reliable ally of Europe? The US is already divided over whether to continue military and economic aid to Ukraine. A failure in Ukraine would be disastrous for the Biden administration’s credibility, as the United States could easily slide into global isolation after an outright failure in Ukraine. The first two world wars broke out as a fury against Western civilizations, in which almost all the losses were caused by the people of the West.

In World War II, Russia backed down at the last moment, which cost Japan two atomic bombs. Germany was also destroyed, but these two countries have fully recovered.

Formerly Russia was called “Soviet Socialist Republic” which was divided into different states on December 26, 1991 and Russia is not yet economically in a position to face the third world war. While China is fighting the world war to improve its economy and China is not an aggressive country like the US and Russia, it can challenge the US and the western countries of NATO as a second party. No one knows what will happen in the coming days, but this is definitely an opportunity to reject the third world war and find a peaceful solution to this problem.

China Russia growing closeness, NATO’s increasing steps