Debt Chaska – Express Urdu

Debt Chaska – Express Urdu
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Debt Chaska – Express Urdu

If the condition of Pakistan can be improved by removing the dead bodies then it will definitely prove to be a positive step but with the removal of dead bodies in general we have seen a sad situation so let it be what can be done now. What was supposed to happen has happened and what will happen to the great men is also hidden from us that only one caste has the knowledge of this calculation.

Nations have different habits, regarding which they are known, currently the habit of Pakistani nation has become to ask for loans, from adults to children are suffering from this disease.

They run the business by borrowing from one and repay the first by borrowing from the other on demand, they borrow a little more from the other in order to enjoy the effect of the loan themselves. This is how the cycle of debt continues. The children of our own nation are already experts in the art of taking and paying off loans.

We cannot give up our old habits because we are addicted to it, we are addicted to it. This disease has come down in the veins, it is embedded in the droplet of blood, now can anyone easily separate it?

Hearing about the habit of taking loans or chaske, I was surprised to hear about a twelfth grade pass child that at such an age, how does he receive and pay this circle i.e. the circle of loans, is he suffering from any kind of mental stress or anxiety. If not, then I got a very surprising answer that not at all, but a change has definitely come in his friends that those whom he has paid still pick up the phone due to his very good and sweet nature, but those whom he has just met. Until he has not taken a loan, they are careful that he does not ask for anything from them.

I came across an English newspaper article of July 1998 titled “How to get rid of debt?” There was a lot written in this article which made me realize that we were and still are aware that we have debt. What is to be gained and what is to be lost, so such methods should be used by which our country can get rid of this disease.

This interesting article was long, but the conditions imposed by the IMF regarding Indonesia and the bailout led to problems such as austerity, poverty, unemployment, drug addiction, crime and suicide, all these years. It was not the same story as before, but it felt as if twenty-six years ago and even before that, or let’s say that the same thing was going on even before that. Sometimes the speed is fast, sometimes it is slow and then all this is embedded in us. What happened to Indonesia, why it happened, was all but forgotten.

Debt has got on our nerves in the form of addiction, our payments are touching the sky, in which we are deeply immersed and it seems difficult to get rid of them, but if we keep our self under control, think with a cool mind. The scene we are seeing can also disappear but for that we have to get out of Englishness. Those who rob us are not free from problems themselves, but instead of uprooting these strong men, let us take all the factors that we can save and avoid new problems by taking a middle approach.

Our institutions from the bottom up have divided the national treasures into the hands, not only our institutions, but every responsible person is included, because whoever got free outside the home was looted. Now, without belching, just spit something out and if they have developed diseases due to overeating, instead of spitting, just look away and watch the spectacle.

Everyone has seen and recognized what has been tried to be hidden from our people for years, so the officials should not expand any more, if they are getting salaries, receive them, thank God and do not look for increases and those who have built long and wide properties, the country is now left with a small one that everything has been scratched, however, if anything has been bought outside the country, Motherland, Netherlands, just consider it very much that now Know that the one above is also watching what you gentlemen have done. Know that a mother holds her wandering, restless children close to her neck and prays that they will be saved. Let the baby get better.

We the poor people do not know what is done through the foreign exchange account, economic policies, tax system and kickbacks, we only know that the wheat is trampled under tires on the roads and the flour Shops are still decorated with inflation labels, houses are still cramped, transport fares are high, inflation is rampant in the market, tenants are unable to pay rent. Why does the milk look like water in the children’s feeder, we know that as a global conspiracy has been prepared to make the poor the poorest, there are only two sects in the world, one is rich and the other is poor.

In our Pakistan, there are a lot of poor people at heart, someone responsible should do his duty, give privileges, adopt simplicity. The jewel scratched from the mother earth, which all the responsible people sold and bought deserted palaces, lands and villas all over the world, don’t the faces of poor Pakistanis scare you by turning into ghosts? After all, how long will you be afraid of responsibility after death?

Debt Chaska – Express Urdu