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Destroying ISIS, Not Muslim Terrorists, Real Goal Russia Needs to Set Priorities in Syria: US

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Destroying ISIS, Not Muslim Terrorists, Real Goal Russia Needs to Set Priorities in Syria: US

Kuala Lumpur (Monitoring Desk) US President Barack Obama has said that not Muslims but a small group is involved in terrorism. Destroying ISIS is our true goal, we cannot allow a handful of people to hold the entire world hostage. Russia needs to set priorities in Syria.
While addressing the Asia-Pacific Summit, the US President said that America is not at war with any religion, more than 100 countries are participating in the war against ISIS. We will kill ISIS and find its leader. will be removed and ISIS will be eliminated soon. The international community will have to act unitedly against Daesh. It is a matter of happiness that the American army is fully prepared to deal with terrorism. A handful of terrorists cannot hold the world hostage.
Speaking at the ASEAN Summit, Barack Obama said that Russia needs to set its priorities in Syria. Russia is willing to change the political way in Syria, they are consulting to deal with the situation. The international community must take united action against Daesh. We are trying to minimize the damage to the citizens. We believe that our actions are within the legal framework.
He said that President Bashar al-Assad cannot end the war by helping the opponents of Bashar al-Assad. Bashar al-Assad will have to leave power. A new political government is needed in Syria. The United States has the ability to break the network of terrorists. Saudi Arabia is cooperating in ending aid.

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The United States believes that the primary goal for Russia in Syria should be to focus on destroying ISIS, rather than simply targeting all Muslim terrorists. By setting this priority, Russia can more effectively combat the dangerous threat posed by the terrorist organization and work towards bringing stability to the region.

Additionally, by differentiating between ISIS members and other Muslim groups, Russia can potentially reduce the risk of inflaming tensions and escalating violence within the region. It is important for Russia to work towards a sustainable solution that addresses the root causes of extremism and terrorism, rather than simply engaging in indiscriminate military actions.

Ultimately, the United States urges Russia to prioritize the destruction of ISIS in Syria in order to achieve long-term security and stability in the region. By focusing on this goal, Russia can work towards a more peaceful and prosperous future for the people of Syria and the broader Middle East.

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