Faisal Wauda filed a privilege motion against Justice Athar Minullah in the Senate

Faisal Wauda filed a privilege motion against Justice Athar Minullah in the Senate
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Faisal Wauda filed a privilege motion against Justice Athar Minullah in the Senate

Islamabad: Senator Faisal Wauda moved a privilege motion against Justice Athar Minullah in the Senate on the remarks of the ‘Proxy’ and Said that I stand by every word of my press conference, it is my right to talk about the mis-conduct of the judges and if it is a crime then hang me.

While speaking in the Senate meeting, Faisal Wawda said that I have brought the Parliament and the entire nation on one page and today we are all united on the supremacy of the constitution and law. He said that I held a press conference, every word of which I stand by even today.

He said that those who should be charged with contempt of court were not charged. I did not expect justice from the judiciary even before. Faisal Wauda said that I have the right to talk about misconduct. If pointing out is a crime in Pakistan, hang me because I will keep doing it.

Faisal Wauda said that the Chief Justice of Lahore High Court made an order and asked for thirty VVI passes for the cricket match. Is.

He said that Judge Ali Baqer Najafi wrote on the letter of the High Court to give protocol to his son who went to America, on which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs clarified that the protocol could not be obtained, now the parliament told why the court did not take action after these evidences. took

The Senator said that District Sessions Judges are writing to the Chief Justice that Mohsin Akhtar Kayani is influential, subordinate judges are telling that our transfer postings are done. He questioned that the trial of Noor Muqaddam case is not going fast. Judge Sahib’s Begum tortures a working girl and nothing happens, a police constable is killed by a Land Cruiser and is released on grounds of lack of evidence.

He said that Bhutto Sahib was hanged, then it was said that the hanging was wrong, they would have given symbolic punishment to those who gave wrong punishment, they would also have given symbolic punishment to the dictator standing behind this judge. These judges removed Nawaz Sharif from the highest office by calling him Sicilian mafia and disregarded the public mandate.

Faisal Wauda said that if you (judiciary) have a question, it is contempt of court and if you make a mistake, then the case is dismissed by calling it a miss-take. Sessions judge complained against Mohsin Akhtar Kayani, for the same reasons We have reached number 140 in the global justice list.

He said that a ban was given on cheap bread and bikes, when the judicial killing of Bhutto Sahib was recognized, then this judge or dictator would have been hanged, Nawaz Sharif was punished for not taking salary from his son. Courts continued to open at night for the founding PTI government and the Islamabad High Court opened at night.

Senator Faisal Wauda said that a party abuses by name but no action is taken against it due to the fear of criticism on social media. Contempt of court has been filed, I have come to the House with evidence and I have questioned the appointment of Judge Babarstar because he is a dual citizen.

He said that in this country, when women sell their belongings to get justice, after that they have no money, then they sell their honor. Judge Athar Minullah accuses me of being a proxy, how dare a judge. They challenged my integrity.

He further said that Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani Jr. is making accusations against him which we cannot make, if you remove these black sheep then things will work out otherwise the situation will not be like this. I put

Faisal Wauda said that my integrity was challenged today and I was called a proxy on which I will file a privilege motion against Justice Athar Minullah. Later, he presented the privilege motion to the Law Minister and Acting Chairman of the Senate.

He announced that he would go to the Supreme Court in the contempt of court case and said that ‘I am appearing before the Chief Justice and I am appearing because the Chief Justice is an honest judge’.

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