Farmers worried about watermelon vaccination debate, experts called it propaganda

Farmers worried about watermelon vaccination debate, experts called it propaganda
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Farmers worried about watermelon vaccination debate, experts called it propaganda

Lahore: Due to discussions and videos on social media about a special kind of inoculation to turn watermelons red, the market is seeing a drop in the price of watermelons, which is worrying farmers. On the other hand, experts have termed the stories about watermelon vaccination as lies and propaganda.

Watermelon injections have been popular for the past few years, but this year the debate intensified when a local doctor posted videos on social media discussing the pros and cons of various foods. , claimed that watermelons are inoculated with certain chemicals to turn them red, which can spread various diseases.

Meher Abdul Rehman belongs to Lahore and has grown watermelons on an area of ​​more than 25 acres. While talking to Express, he said that his ancestors have been farming, till date they have not seen that watermelons have been inoculated to make them red. All this is propaganda to keep citizens away from eating fruits like watermelon in summer. He suspected that medicine companies and those creating false stories on social media could be behind this propaganda.

Express checked the viral watermelon vaccination videos and photos on social media and found that many of the photos were from India, while most of the photos and videos were made by various vloggers showing how watermelons are vaccinated. .

Minhaj Khan, who has been selling fruits in Lahore’s largest fruit and vegetable market for decades, has also denied the story of grafting watermelons as a lie, saying that dozens of trucks of watermelons come to the market every day. There has been no incident of anyone injecting watermelons to make them red.

Former Director General of Punjab Agriculture Department (Extension) and agronomist Dr. Anjum Ali Butar told Express that seeds of various vegetables, including watermelon, are now available in the market which produce 100 percent good quality crops. All the seeds are being imported from abroad. There are also varieties of watermelons whose cultivation will produce red watermelons, so there is no reason to make watermelons red by inoculation.

He said that since the tendency of mixing is common here, it is possible that there has been an incident somewhere, but officially, no such case has been reported yet that a farmer has injected watermelons to make them red.

According to the technical team of Punjab Food Authority, there is talk of coloring watermelons on social media, its name is Ethrosin which is a special type of coffee color that is used in various food items around the world.

According to Food Authority experts, food color called Ethrosin is used to improve color in various baking items including sweet coffees, jellies, drinks, ice creams, ice balls, cakes, pastries. Pakistan Pure Food Rules 1965 also allowed a certain amount of erothrecin.

Experts further said that when a watermelon is punctured, it will spoil in 3 to 4 hours, while the solution injected into it will also come out. Second, there are no veins inside the watermelon, so the fungus will get stuck in one place and through the veins it will turn the whole watermelon red.

The spokesman of Punjab Food Authority said that since this propaganda is being done on social media, the teams of Food Authority have checked the watermelons sold in markets and markets in different districts and so far no such incident has been reported from anywhere. Watermelon was inoculated.

According to experts, the hallmark of a good watermelon is that a ripe watermelon will be yellow in one place, while tapping a ripe watermelon will produce a buzz.

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