Four weeks in Dallas, Texas

Four weeks in Dallas, Texas
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Four weeks in Dallas, Texas

Now we have been living in America for twenty-two years, we have become accustomed to every season, we enjoy every season, but still the memory of Pakistan comes more and more often, and when the memory of Pakistan bothers us more, a few It becomes inevitable to go to Pakistan for weeks. If you do not go to Pakistan in a year, then you must make a trip to Dallas, Texas.

Dalles is a beautiful city with greenery spread everywhere, there is a lot of uninhabited land, people are coming to Dalles from other states, this city is developing slowly.

Some areas are undergoing rapid construction, our daughter and son-in-law live in the Dales. In the beginning, he stayed in New Jersey for a few years, but then he moved to Dallas and took up residence there. It is a well-known saying that a man’s livelihood is where it is written, he lives there.

When we arrived in Delhi last few days, we had to see the happiness of our daughter, son-in-law and our two grandsons and one granddaughter. They came to pick us up at the airport. Keep happening. We also have a niece and a son of our cousin who moved to Dallas from New Jersey two or three years ago.

Famous artist of Pakistan Television, Nilufar Abbasi, lives here with her son and daughter-in-law, and famous director of Karachi stage, Farqan Haider, and long-time friend, writer and journalist of Radio Pakistan Karachi, Owais Naseer, are also residents of Dales City, which belongs to Farqan Haider. Together, they occasionally organize poetry and literature gatherings in Dales.

Poet Yunus Ejaz is also a part of the same city and also participates in poetry sessions from time to time, while Ms. Nilufar Abbasi organizes a gathering of hymns and naats every year in the month of Eid Milad-ul-Nabi. Furqan Haider had initially started stage plays in Dells as well, but then he gradually moved away from stage plays due to the lack of response to the stage here. It is very active in the matter and almost throughout the year film artistes and famous singers and singers from India come in group form and individually and big functions are held here continuously.

Music concerts in particular are very popular, expensive shows and tickets for these shows sell well online. Thousands of fans grace these shows and take the lead in appreciating the artistes from their country, which is why the promoters here also make good money and take an active part in decorating the shows when That the Pakistani community is not very active in this matter.

This is the reason why Pakistani artistes are afraid to come here and they do not get any good promoters. Singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and singer Atif Aslam are loved and welcomed here whenever they visit.

Every time we went to Dells for a few days, we must have seen two or three shows there, groups of Indian artistes keep coming there every day and the promoters there put on big shows. Then the same shows are presented in other US states and Canada. I had seen the first show of famous singer of Indian films Sheriya Ghoshal at Dell’s.

Sheriya Ghoshal is known in India as the most popular female singer after Lata Mangeshkar, and her voice has a semblance of Lata Mangeshkar’s voice, and for Sherya Ghoshal as well. It is an honor.

Similarly, the famous singer of Pakistan, Atif Aslam, is also a singer whose name sells tickets, who is very popular in Pakistan as well as in India. Many Sufi songs sung by him are so popular that artists there are also in India. They sing and they are also well received.

During our stay in Dells, there was a group from India who presented a stage play called Amrao Jaan Ada, which we also went to see with great interest. It was made in India and then in Pakistan as well and each time the film was a hit. Once upon a time Mirza Hadi Raswa was a famous writer, he wrote a novel called Amrao Jan Ada. This novel got great fame and this novel was also included in Urdu literature.

Well now we come to the stage play Amrao Jaan Ada, which was staged with great fanfare at the local hall in Dales. It was a whole team consisting of twenty five people and their teamwork was very good, after some time we also entered the hall and there was a crowd of people to the limit, we enjoyed the trouble of waiting for a while and then The curtain was lifted from the stage and the show began.

Even during the show, people continued to come in, during which many sets were changed and the readers were busy watching the drama with great concentration. The direction of the play was very good, it was the first time anyone had successfully staged Amrao Jan Ada.

It was a beautiful combination of Balakhana and arrival of Nawabs, old age culture, dance and music. In this play, the story was presented in the form of dance. Chorus dances were performed with elaborate costumes and many times solo dances were featured prominently.

The culture of the Nawabs which was characteristic of the Nawabs was shown. During the play, the repeated clapping of the fans on the performance was giving a sense of the love of the play, after an hour and a half there was an interval and then after a twenty minute interval when the play started again, it seemed as if the tempo of the play was broken. And during this time, the interest of the fans started to feel a little less, there was another one-hour drama, but it had become a victim of monotony.

In my opinion, if the duration of this drama was only two hours, its tempo would have remained the same, the beauty of this drama would not have been affected. More than half of the hall was empty by the time the play ended, but overall it was a good effort and to me the play was on another level. The story of Amrao Jan Ada has been presented in many states of America.

Four weeks in Dallas, Texas