How will justice be done? – Express Urdu

How will justice be done?  – Express Urdu
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How will justice be done? – Express Urdu

Mehmood Ghaznavi was trying to sleep at home. But sleep was far away from the eyes. Woke up in a state of anxiety. Ordered that there is some kind of cruelty going on in the city that I don’t know about.

There is no cure for it either. According to Ghaznavi’s order, “Khuddam and spies searched the whole city but could not see any unusual event. They came back and told the Sultan that they did not see anything anywhere.” Mahmud Ghaznavi again had his dream. He lay down on the bed in the house. But sleep was not coming.

The Sultan had a firm idea that this was a sign from God and that somewhere or other there was an injustice happening in which there was no one to stop the hand of the oppressor. Dressed in normal clothes, left the house and started roaming around the city. He searched the city, but like the companions, he did not see any unusual incident. Stepping slowly towards his return, he reached the rear area of ​​the harem of his palace. Then there was a painful sound. Mahmood Ghaznavi is sleeping comfortably in his palace and oppressing me is getting worse.

There is no one to hear my cry. Ghaznavi went to the old man and asked what the problem was. My name is Mahmood Ghaznavi and I am here to help you. The poor man made a shocking revelation. He started telling that a very powerful person came to his house by force and stole his wife’s honor.

His sword is out of Niam and says if I open my tongue, he will kill us all. The Sultan listened attentively to the man’s cry and brought him to his palace. He ordered the privates that whenever this person comes, whatever time he comes. He should be brought before me immediately. Even though I am in a state of prayer, I should be informed of his arrival. A day passed.

When night fell, the aged man came to the palace and attended the service of the Sultan. He started crying and told that that cruel person had entered his house and was violating the sanctity of his wife. Mahmud Ghaznavi took some soldiers with him. Picked up the sword and walked with Frayadi. Before entering the house, he ordered that all the lamps should be extinguished so that there is no light. When Sultan came in, that cruel person was inside the house.

His neck was severed from his body with a single stroke of the sword. Ghaznavi then ordered the lamps to be lit again. As soon as he saw the severed head of this tyrant, he fell down in prostration and thanked God. After that he asked the old man, “Is there anything to eat in your house?” The answer was that I am a poor man. . I don’t have any food of your level. Yes, there is dry bread.

The Sultan ordered dry bread and began to eat it with great gusto. At the same time, he drank water well from the clay bowl. The old man wondered why Mehmood Ghaznavi was doing all this.

Asked that first you made the house dark. Then he performed prostration and offered dry bread with water. What is all this? The answer given by the Sultan has become a bright example in the world of justice till today. He said that it was in his mind that during my reign only one of my sons could have the courage to think of such a great injustice.

Turn off the lamp because there was an illusion that maybe this tyrant is my son. When I put my head down. And in the light it became clear that this person is not one of my children. So he thanked God and prostrated. The Sultan further said, “O man, ever since you told the truth of this cruelty to your family, I had prohibited myself from eating and drinking.” I had decided that I will not go near God’s provision until I give justice

The reason for eating dry bread is that I endured that hunger for a whole day and a half and now I ate dry bread with great comfort and pleasure. The old man started crying and said, “Mahmoud, you have done such a level of justice today that even a poor person like me is happy and God on Arsh Maali must have been pleased with you.”

The purpose of narrating this true incident is that no nation or empire can survive for long without justice. Justice is the power due to which the common citizen considers his life and property safe. This is the perfection of any government that it makes people’s lives safer through justice. If you look at Pakistan in the matter of justice, nothing but pain and suffering comes to light. The main institution of justice is the judiciary.

A poor country like ours is providing all kinds of privileges and facilities to the members of the judiciary i.e. the judges beyond their limits. If one looks at the legal privileges and salary of the judges, one is surprised that even after the retirement minute, they are given government facilities. At the time of retirement, the most expensive official vehicle is offered to them on a small payment. The rest of the cases also continue in the same way.

I will come to this aspect a little later. From civil judge to session judge salary, facilities and perks are also excellent. Thirty years ago, the judges did not have any suspicion of the official vehicle. But now most of the judiciary judges are using the vehicles provided by the government.

I would never have mentioned these minor things if I had had the point firmly in my heart that the Judiciary is providing full justice to the people. Practical matters are extremely varied and unspeakable. The truth is that giving justice is now beyond the capacity of these gentlemen. I am certainly not suggesting that there are no God-fearing people among judges. There are many judges whose honesty can be sworn. But these people are like salt in flour.

If you want to verify the reports, visit any court. You will see crowds of petitioners waiting all day for their trial. And in the evening they go back to being useless. Fake witnesses are everywhere and their buying and selling seems to be taking place outside every court with great ease.

Lawyers’ fees are so high that the common litigant cannot even think of hiring a good lawyer. Believe me, now, seeing the honorable members of the judiciary sitting on the high dais, this question arises, finally, why is the revolution of justice not taking place from their court? Complaints of corruption are very common and no one listens to them. The future of this country is looking dark everywhere because the judges here have lost their effectiveness!

How will justice be done? – Express Urdu