If I am called a proxy, I have to prove it, Faisal Vawda

If I am called a proxy, I have to prove it, Faisal Vawda
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If I am called a proxy, I have to prove it, Faisal Vawda

If the PTI people are talking, then it is not somoto, I am appearing before an honest bench. Photo: File

Islamabad: Senator Faisal Vawda has said that if I was called a proxy, I have to prove it.

Speaking to a private TV, Senator Faisal Vawda said that I will give the answer there. But I am thankful that you saw that the justice system had powers but they gave a date for me to go there and give my stand. This is a way for you to listen to the other party as well. Now at least you have the peace of mind that you are appearing before an honest and fair bench. Rauf Hassan Sahib of PTI is speaking to the Chief Justice of Islamabad there.

Faisal Vawda said that PTI people are not selling any filth continuously. This is not going to happen. I am the aggrieved party. The same Islamabad High Court has punished me not once but twice for the crime which I did not commit. I was not even given a trial. My mother was on her death bed. I still don’t know what was my fault at that time.

He said that today a judge Athar Manullah is saying that I am a proxy. I have to prove the proxy. If they didn’t tell me, that would be a different matter. I still wouldn’t press charges. If I am wrong, I can apologize to a person sitting on the street. If I’m right, I’ll never apologize. I had a boot once. At that time I was under all kinds of pressure to apologize. But I said I had no intention of humiliating the army, I will not apologise.

Senator Faisal Wawood said that if raising my question brings me into the category of contempt of court, then I will do so. I never said that I am representing the army. As a senator and as a minister, it is my duty to defend the judiciary, our state institutions and the military as well. It is not like I have any issue today and the senate meeting is after six months, so I will wait for six months. I have not questioned his (Justice Babar Sattar’s) competence.

He said that I am saying that you wrote a word that is reported. He gave the impression that he was recorded. Then your next reply came that I was also saying that if there is proof then show it. So you would have written in the letter on the first day that there is no evidence, there is no record. After that comes the next letter. Tells me yes we don’t have record. Then you say that it was decided in the Judicial Council. Let’s go, I think and believe that this matter has been cleared in the Judicial Council, so there will be minutes. Show us those minutes. Just end the conflict.

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