If our government had not been abolished in 93, Pakistan would have been at the forefront of Asia, Nawaz Sharif

If our government had not been abolished in 93, Pakistan would have been at the forefront of Asia, Nawaz Sharif
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If our government had not been abolished in 93, Pakistan would have been at the forefront of Asia, Nawaz Sharif

Lahore: Leader of Muslim League, Nawaz Sharif, has said that till today, we do not understand why our government was overthrown in 1993. If he gave the agenda for the development of the country at that time If it would have been implemented, today our country would be at the forefront in Asia.

Addressing the meeting of the Central Working Committee of the PML-N, he said that many things happened, false cases were exposed against me, leaders of the PML-G were arrested in false cases. Given the agenda, this could happen till today, I still want to ask why my government was overthrown in 1993? I don’t understand the reason till today, I don’t want to name these people, but I must tell you that if this plan was implemented, today our country would be at the top of the world and at the forefront in Asia.

He said that people have criticized for wasting money on motorways, but today the world has seen how much benefit has been gained due to motorways. A billion dollars was offered, which was a huge amount at that time, so that we would not do nuclear explosions. Today, everyone says that we made the right decision by not taking that money and detonating it, but the result was that Pervez Musharraf made Marshall The country’s prime minister was made a hijacker by laying a flag, became the prime minister at night and became a hijacker in the morning, I was sentenced to 27 years in prison.

He said that in the election of 2013, Bani Gala was the first to meet Imran Khan. In the election, Imran Khan accused him of 35 punctures. So he said, “I built the road of Bani Gala. After that, everyone arrived in London and after that the sit-ins started. They did not tell us anything from where they were informed. It was their moral duty to tell us that they asked you these things.” But there is a difference, there I agreed and then they started sit-ins with daggers in their backs, I forbade them not to disturb their sit-ins.

Nawaz Sharif said that the arrival of the Chinese president became difficult due to the four months of sit-ins, he came and the CPEC agreement was signed and a network of motorways was laid in the country.

Leader of PML-N said that Maulana Fazlur Rehman is my good friend and he said that we and you can form the government in KP together but I apologized and said that the single largest party is PTI, let him form the government and give him a chance. Maulana agreed with me.

The leader of the PML-N said that the decision to remove me from the presidency of the party was not the decision of the PML-G Central Committee, the decision came from somewhere else, I was punished for not receiving salary and the decision was also made to remove me from the party presidency, corrupt judges. , Mazahir Naqvi should also be brought to justice, where did so many properties come from? Mazahir Naqvi should also face NAB, if accountability had continued for 75 years, we would have been a different nation today, they brought such a person who caused further destruction.

He said that it should be told that inflation started in whose era? Why don’t people think about how much inflation was in our era and how much it was in the previous era while voting? The nation is upset that we are being fired for not getting paid and the nation is silent.

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