Karachi: Danger of severe heat wave, heat stroke wards established in hospitals

Karachi: Danger of severe heat wave, heat stroke wards established in hospitals
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Karachi: Danger of severe heat wave, heat stroke wards established in hospitals

Karachi: The Department of Meteorology has predicted a heat wave in most parts of the country, including Sindh, from May 21 to 27. To deal with the challenge of heat wave, heat stroke wards have been established in government hospitals in Karachi.

According to the advisory issued by the Provincial Disaster Management Authority Rehabilitation Department, a heat wave situation is likely to occur in most parts of the country including Sindh from May 21, while the heat wave may intensify from May 23 to 27.

According to the advisory, daytime temperatures are likely to be around 35 to 40 degrees Celsius on May 21 to 23, while temperatures may exceed 45 degrees Celsius or more on May 23 to 27.
In view of the possible heat wave in the city, the management and medical staff of government hospitals have been directed to be more active, and special heat stroke wards have been set up in the hospitals.

A 20-bed heat stroke ward has been established in Jinnah Hospital where 8 to 10 heat-affected patients are coming daily, out of which 4 to 5 patients are in critical condition while 1 to 2 patients are being admitted.

Additional Medical Superintendent and In-charge of Accident Department of Civil Hospital Karachi, Dr. Liaqat said that a special ward consisting of 8 beds has been established to provide first aid to patients affected by heat stroke in the accident department of Civil Hospital Karachi. A separate 10-bed ward has been set up for the care of incoming heat stroke patients where they can admit patients with severe symptoms of heat stroke.

He said that every day about 30 to 35 patients are coming to Civil Hospital with symptoms of fever, heart palpitations and dizziness, people suffering from heart diseases and elderly people are more affected by heat. Medical staff are mobilized for this, while these wards also have facilities for dehydration tests including drips, IV antibiotics and oxygen.

Dr. Liaquat said that most of the patients are discharged as soon as their condition improves after medical assistance, but some patients are being admitted due to lack of water and salts in the body.

Dr Javed, Medical Superintendent of Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, said that an 8-bed ward has been built in the hospital which has AC, cold water, drips and other medical facilities including oxygen. Every day 10 to 15 patients are affected by heat wave in the hospital. are coming, but they are discharged after medical assistance.

Cardiologist Dr. Akram Sultan said that heart disease patients are more affected in heat waves, because in hot weather there is extra pressure on the heart, due to which the blood pressure also decreases, in such a situation, heart patients More precautions need to be taken.

Medical experts said that citizens should consume as much water as possible, do not go out of their houses unnecessarily. If you feel panicked, feel fever and feel dizzy or nauseous, come to the hospital immediately.

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