Karachi: Rangers raid CTD office, two officials arrested

Karachi: Rangers raid CTD office, two officials arrested
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Karachi: Rangers raid CTD office, two officials arrested

Karachi: Sindh Rangers arrested the police party who left the alleged accused on the transaction during a raid at CTD Civil Line.

According to the details, the Counter-Terrorism Department had detained the alleged accused Alian, who arrived in Karachi from abroad on 19th, and demanded a ransom for his release.

Sindh Rangers received the information about the matter, after which Sindh Rangers officers agreed to give the money to CTD.

Sindh Rangers officers reached the office of CTD civil line to give the money, then the CTD informer Osama came to the main gate with the accused Alian, on which the Rangers surrounded the CTD office and the senior officers of the CTD. was informed about the situation.

Osama and Umar Khan, who were part of the police party, fled on seeing the Rangers, while CTD Sub-Inspector Tahir Tanveer and ASI Shahid Hussain were arrested. Khawaja was suspended.

DIG CTD Asif Ijaz Shaikh says that CTD Civil Line took action on the information of an international terrorist organization and detained a person named Alian on 19th. An investigation was conducted and then a deal was made to release the alleged accused over the money transaction.

When the Sindh Rangers got the information, the officers of the Rangers reached the CTD office and arrested Sub-Inspector Tahir Tanveer and ASI Shahid Hussain, while police constable Umar Khan and informant Usama, who were part of the police party, escaped and were raided to arrest them. The series continues.

SSP CTD Operation Imran Shaukat told Express News that Sindh Rangers officers informed about the raid on CTD civil line and when the matter was investigated, three CTD policemen were involved in kidnapping for ransom. A case under Section 365-A has been registered against them and CTD Civil Line SHO Imdad Khawaja has been suspended.

SSP Operation CTD Imran Shaukat said that the informant of CTD called Iraq to release a citizen named Alian and demanded ransom money, which is also being investigated, the police party demanded a ransom of five lakh rupees. And made a deal for one lakh rupees, of which CCTV footage is also available.

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