Kitchen Conversion Chart Magnet for Refrigerator, Stainless Steel Baking Ingredients Measurements for Baker, Vintage Kitchen Accessories Gadgets

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Material: high-quality stainless steel & Magnetic Sheet with Adhesive
Size: 11″x7″
Color: Black
Quantity: 1 Conversion Chart and 1 Flexible magnet
Stainless Steel
Package Includes: 1 stainless steel metric conversion chart with a size of 11”X7.2”, 1 Adhesive Magnetic Sheets for metallic surfaces
High Quality: Our cooking conversion chart is made of high-quality stainless steel, Using advanced etching and coloring techniques, making it easy to read, more durable, never fade
Comprehensive : This baking conversion chart includes the most common metric and imperial conversions and accurate measurements in liquid volumes, weights and common baking ingredients, As well as oven temperature conversions between Celsius and Fahrenheit
More Convenient: Our handy baking supplies can help you solve cooking woes. Simply refer to these useful gadgets, you can measure ingredients correctly only by cups and tablespoons. No more searching for every measurement when baking your dessert
Perfect Gift: This baking chart can not only be hung on the wall or attached to refrigerator to decorate your kitchen, but it is also a practical baking tool. Vintage design and high quality are ideal gifts for women, bakers, chefs, housewarming, cooks, mom etc