Kotwal Shahr Lahore ___ chicken scandal

Kotwal Shahr Lahore ___ chicken scandal
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Kotwal Shahr Lahore ___ chicken scandal

(Memories of Bygone Days)

MNA Sheikh Rasheed, the favorite of the then Punjab government, replaced me for eliminating the notorious gambling dens in Rawalpindi, then a protest started in Rawalpindi, upon which Punjab Chief Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif called me to Lahore, which was my first meeting with him. It was a one-to-one meeting.

After listening to my position, he said that “IG has told that you are a great crime fighter, I want you to end the crime of Lahore, so I am appointing you to Lahore.” He told his secretary. Called and told the orders to the secretary without asking my consent. On the second day, orders were issued to appoint me to SP City Lahore.

PIA fares were very low in those days and my luggage consisted of one bag, so I took a flight from Rawalpindi to Lahore. When I landed at Lahore Airport, a police driver was standing with my name. I went with him and sat in an old car and he took me to the Police Club on Shahrah Tejarat opposite Bagh-e-Jinnah where I was allotted a room.

The same room was my official residence for the next two years. Apart from me, some other police officers also lived in the police club. The police officer before me (who became SP from constable) was SP City, according to his own staff, he received Rs. Apart from the income, he used to take separate money in important cases, so the shock of losing this much income of Haram was unbearable for him. When I reached the SP City office, he was there and probably negotiating with his clients to recover some arrears. Seeing me, he was a little worried, but then left with a longing glance at the office, and I took over my duties.

The SP City office was opposite the Central Model School, still there today, the lower floor is the Thana Lower Mall and the upper floor is reserved for the SP City and its staff. As soon as I left, I started a campaign to connect with the citizens as per my tradition and set up open courts at Harthana level.

Many newspapers and magazines have quoted my phrase many times that “If you see malice or hypocrisy in our actions, then hold our neck and if you see good intentions and sincerity, then hold our hand for cooperation.” ” Like Rawalpindi, in the Lahore city area, a strict operation was carried out against drug peddling, and the back of this evil was broken, the most notorious and influential drug peddlers were arrested.

We had a clear message to them, “Either leave this business or leave the area.” Many drug dealers left the city. One day when I was meeting the inquirers in my office, I received a phone call from Punjab Education Minister Barrister Usman Ibrahim (who is the uncle of my close friend Abid Saeed and who later became the Federal Minister). They said, I am coming to your office to meet you. I said “I am coming to your office” They said no, I have left, it is very important.

After a few minutes, he came and while sitting down, he said in a worried tone, “You know that our examination system has been destroyed, there is massive corruption in every board and every office related to the examinations, cheating and cheating in the examinations have become so common.” It is said that its rates are fixed, in Lahore, miscreants and gangsters come with armed gangs and hold the examination staff hostage and copy the students in front of them. There is no one to ask them. Everyone seems helpless. I guessed that this is the result that now foreign countries do not even recognize our degrees. They said, “You have said absolutely right, that’s why Mian Shahbaz Sharif has given me the task to restore the confidence of the students and the public in the exams, but for this I need your help and support because the boti mafia Only the police can eliminate it.”

I said, “Not only the future of our lakhs of students is getting dark due to fake exams, but the reputation and image of the country has also been badly damaged. God willing, we will carry out this work as a national mission”. After an hour’s meeting, the minister left and I started preparing a strategy to crack down on the rogues and boti mafia who were forcing copying in the exams.

We got the list of examination centers and organized police teams there to stop the interference of outside elements and crack down on the booty mafia and instructed them to conduct very strict and effective operation. A few days later, when the exams started, the heads of the boti mafia also got involved, for these people, the exams were a source of income just like a ripe crop is a source of income for the landlords.

A famous student leader (who was later killed) bought a plot from someone, paid some money but still had more money left. “Inter exams are coming, I will pay the rest as soon as the exams start.” The booty mafia shared examination centers like the famous gangsters, each ringleader considered his own area as his capital and operated in it and avoided going to the capital of others to act or interfere.

However, the booty mafia operatives armed with Kalashnikovs and pistols reached their jurisdiction, as soon as they started the operation, the police commandos carried out a swift and effective operation, arrested them with their weapons and then laid them on the road in front of everyone. Well repaired, this was done so that the air of their mischief was broken and the fear and apprehension of the examination staff was removed and they could perform their duties without fear.

The young police officers treated him according to their own ideas and experiences to end the booty mafia mischief and to teach others a lesson. The Blockers got these miscreants toned, which the newspapers called “Tanded Operation”. However, within a week, the back of the booty mafia was broken and external interference in the examination centers was stopped.

Ten and twelve days after the start of the exam, on a Sunday holiday, when I woke up in the morning and looked at the newspaper, my blood boiled when I saw a picture on the front page of a national newspaper, the caption of the picture on the newspaper was “Police Lower”. The examination staff who copied in the examinations in the transfer of goods have been made chickens by the police. I immediately called the Lower Mal police station and found out that the photo was of the lecturers who were stationed inside the examination hall. I had given very clear instructions and the police were not allowed to enter the examination hall. I immediately reached my office in Lower Mall, my staff also reached.

I instructed them to take the lecturers out of the hawalat immediately and bring them to my office. When the lecturers came, I seated them respectfully, offered tea, apologized for insulting them and asked them, “Who has arrested you, because the police have clear instructions not to go inside the examination rooms.” will and will only prevent external interference.

You perform duty inside the examination rooms, who has done this abuse to you? The lecturers said, “We have been arrested by the magistrate from inside the examination hall, while we have not committed any crime.” However, I immediately suspended the staff of the Lower Mall police station and released the lecturers on bail and sent them to their homes. On the other hand, after seeing such an insulting picture, the whole community of teachers got angry and they boycotted the exams and classes.

(to be continued)

Kotwal Shahr Lahore ___ chicken scandal