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Language – Express Urdu

The creator of the universe placed a thin piece of flesh inside our mouth which is called tongue is a very strange thing. Controlling it is extremely important because if it slips, anything can happen.

That is why he has been confined in a prison with thirty-two teeth. The advice of elders is to read first and then speak. Some people’s tongues move like scissors with dire consequences. A sweet word from the mouth dissolves sweetness, while on the contrary, a bitter word dissolves poison. Khatri is a poem of Ghaznavi.

Years of friendship went away over a small matter

But so much happened that some people were recognized

Where the great thinker and writer Dale Carnegie titled his famous and well-known work “Methe Bol Mein Jadoo Hai” after much consideration. Observation has proved that this lump of flesh is “a branch is also a sword.” Dagger wounds may heal sooner or later, but tongue wounds never heal.

Sayans advise to be very careful in the matter of language. Therefore, language safety is very important to establish and maintain good relationships. According to Mir Anis:

I want friends for the sake of thinking all the time!

Anis should not be offended by the natives!

This simple poem of Mir Anis is a boundless ocean in terms of its meaning. One of our elders often used to say that if your mouth is crooked, at least keep your tongue straight.

The language is sweet

Banka is a crooked language

Anger has been forbidden and the main reason for this is that a person says things that are out of morals in the flow of emotions. This is not a common man’s issue, but we have seen adults suffering in this condition. When a person is in a state of debauchery, such things come out of a person’s mouth that do not beautify him and because of which he has to regret for the rest of his life.

Bebadal Bahadur Shah Zafar, the last Tajdar of the Mughal Empire and poet, drew attention to the same thing in his poem and said:

A Zafar man will not know him

He who did not remember God in luxury, who did not fear God in poverty

We have also seen the period when special attention was paid to language and speech. Etiquette and manners were of primary importance in the Majlis. The difference between an ignorant and an educated person was clearly shown by his language. If someone’s language did not meet the standards of nobility and civilization, no matter how educated he was, it was said that he Has loaded all the books on the donkey.

There is a saying, “The seed is the effect of companionship.” A man’s character was judged by his companionship. It used to be seen with whom the man used to sit and what was the environment around him. The effects of good company were noticeable within minutes. The whole outline of a person was revealed by sitting and standing. The circulation of time has put an end to the chaos. The quality of friendship and enmity has also become extremely low.

This poem is remembered in this regard.

It is not limited to friendship

Enmity also has manners

In the house of the worst and worst enemy, the first person to mourn the death of someone used to be the person who was considered the enemy. The fabric of the society has been disintegrated and in the name of development, man is moving towards degradation day by day.

Jahl Khurd showed this day

Shadows have grown as people have decreased

A great man is said to be one who has wealth, however ungrateful he may be. This couplet of Bhagat Kabir comes to mind:

What happened when it grew up, like a palm tree?

Panthi is not overshadowed, the fruits are planted away

We have all gone to our graves. It is better to pay attention to dieting of our tongue than to increase the weight of our actions by shouting about the sins and faults of others.

Mughal prince Jahangir one day in his private gathering called a eunuch a donkey in Persian. When this news reached King Akbar, the king summoned the prince. Prince admitted his mistake.

Akbar said to him, “There must be a difference between the language of the Sheikh, the potter and the king.” The prince replied, “Aba Huzur, my tongue slipped.” How can Rakkhata control a vast empire of two lakh kos? Kingdom begins with language and ends with language. Learn to bridle the tongue, and the empire will itself be bridled.”

Another interesting thing about language comes to mind that in our childhood, the elders used to warn children against telling lies, saying that whoever tells a lie, his tongue turns black and lies immediately. is caught.

Language – Express Urdu