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Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Local body elections: The lion’s roar has once again engulfed Punjab, the arrows in Sindh have blown the wings of the opponents, the PTI’s burden is heavy in Mianwali.

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Local body elections: The lion’s roar has once again engulfed Punjab, the arrows in Sindh have blown the wings of the opponents, the PTI’s burden is heavy in Mianwali.

Lahore (Monitoring Desk) After polling in the second phase of the local body elections in Punjab and Sindh, the results are coming in. The results of 1098 seats out of 2399 have been revealed in Punjab, according to which the Muslim League-N has won 606, independent hopefuls have won 498, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf won 154 seats, Jamaat-e-Islami 7 and People’s Party won 9 seats, while MQM could not win any seats from Punjab. On the other hand, out of 1833 seats in Sindh, the results of 840 were revealed, according to which People’s Party won 623, MQM won 68. Independent aspirants won 42 seats, Muslim League-N 33 seats and Tehreek-e-Insaf 32 seats.


During the second phase of local body elections in 12 districts of Punjab, according to the unofficial and incomplete results, the Pakistan Muslim League (N) contested the seats of Union Councils Chairman, Vice Chairman and Councilors in Sheikhupura. District General Secretary of Muslim League (N) Sheikh Kashif Arif lost the election from his constituency. Till the last information, 27 candidates of Muslim League (N) were declared successful while only 8 independent candidates including 8 candidates of PTI contested, so only one candidate of Muslim League (Q) was successful. According to official sources, 1528 polling stations. were established while people voted for their respective candidates enthusiastically throughout the day at the polling stations. Meanwhile, a clash broke out between Jamaat-e-Islami workers and Muslim League (N) in UC 25, Kot Pindi, resulting in the death of 8 people, including a woman. People were injured.

In the Union Councils of Tehsil Kamalia of District Toba Tek Singh, independent candidates won the local body elections in 2015. Independent candidates won 6 seats out of 12 union councils of Kamalia, PML-N and Tehreek-e-Insaf won three seats each. In the second phase of municipal elections, independent candidates were already elected unopposed as chairman in two of the 12 union councils of Kamalia tehsil. In the elections, independent candidates won 4 seats, while three seats went to Pakistan Muslim League-N and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf.

In the second phase of local body elections in Gujranwala, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz won 73, independent candidate 36, PTI 5, Jamaat-e-Islami 3, while the People’s Party won 3 according to the unofficial and unofficial results. Could not win the seat.

Pakistan Muslim League-N won from Pir Mahal Municipal Committee in local body elections 2015. In the second phase of local body elections, PML-N won 9 seats out of 18 wards of Pir Mahal, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf got three seats, Jamaat-e-Islami got one seat, and the remaining 5 seats were taken away by independent candidates.

Election results in 20 constituencies of Alipur Chatta Municipal Committee were completed peacefully, according to the unofficial unofficial results, Muslim League (N) won 12 seats and 8 candidates of other leading parties were declared successful.

According to the unofficial results of the general councilor of various wards of Municipal Committee Tehsil Sahiwal, Maher Abdul Shakoor independent candidate from Ward No. 1 won by getting 692 votes while Meher Faiz Rasool of Muslim League (N) came second with 433 votes. Independent candidate from Ward No. 2 Maher Iqbal was successful by getting 778 votes while Murtaza Farid, an independent candidate, came second with 692 votes. Ward No. 5 Rana Sohail Shahzad candidate of Muslim League (N) was successful by getting 676 votes while Ejaz Hussain independent candidate got 586 votes and stood second. From 8, Muslim League (N) candidate Zaigham Hussain Khan won by getting 374 votes, while Shujaat Ali Khan independent candidate got 194 votes. From Ward No. 10, Rao Jafar Ali independent candidate won by getting 310 votes, while Haji Manoor Hussain of Muslim League (N) lost by getting 285 votes. Similarly, from Ward No. 11, Rana Muhammad Akhtar, an independent candidate, failed with 1056 votes, while City President Muslim League (N) Muhammad Bilal failed with 751 votes.

According to the unofficial and unofficial results of 23 out of 44 wards of Khanewal city, Muslim League (N) is leading with 15 seats, while independent candidates have won 7 seats while PTI has got one seat.

In the 44 wards of Municipal Committee Khanewal, Muslim League-N won the battle, Azad Omid and others also won, while Tehreek-e-Insaf suffered the worst defeat. According to the unofficial and unofficial results of 40 wards of Khanewal city, Muslim League (N) is on top with 24 seats. Independent candidates won 12 seats while only four candidates of PTI were successful. In Jhelum, PML-N won 26 seats, Azad 19 and PTI 5 seats.


In Hyderabad, MQM has won 55 seats, PP 20 and PTI have won one seat, in Tando Ulyar, PPP has won 23 seats, Azad 2 seats, PP Shaheed Bhutto and MQM have won one seat each, Tando. In Muhammad Khan, PP has won 33 seats and independent candidates have won 5 seats. In Umarkot, PP has won 45 seats, PTI and Functional League have won five seats, while an independent candidate has won one seat.

Pir Ibrahim Shah, the brother of Federal Minister of State for Religious Affairs, Pir Amin Al Hasanat Shah, was also defeated in the municipal elections. The candidate was defeated by Meher Bashir.
In UC 8 of Hafizabad, PML-N faced an upset defeat. From here, Samdhi Afzal Tarar, father of Minister of State Saira Afzal Tarar and former President Rafiq Tarar, lost the election to PTI candidate Jafar Mahmood Tarar on the ticket of PML-N. On this victory, the PI workers celebrated hugely and took out a rally. Political analysts were also surprised by this result.

In Mianwali too, PTI’s margin is heavy, its candidates have won in union councils and municipal councils. In Mianwali, PTI has won 19 and PML-N 3 seats, while 24 independent candidates have also won.
In Gujranwala, PTI workers surrounded the polling station due to more than one polling station. PTI workers say that the total number of votes in a polling station of UC-35 is 800 while 1200 votes have been cast. The workers said that they will not let the polling staff go. A heavy contingent of police was called on this occasion.

According to the inconclusive results received so far, MQM has managed to get 51 out of 96 seats in Hyderabad, after which it has now come to the position of making a united mayor, while the People’s Party has not been able to gain a full foothold. Is.

In Tando Ullahyar, the son of PML-N senator Rahila Magsi had contested on the PML-N ticket for the chairman’s seat, but the candidate of the People’s Party, Jaman, has defeated Rahila Magsi’s son by 800 votes. The winner is the PPP. Candidate Juman got 2208 votes while Rahila Magsi’s son was second with 1407 votes.

In the second phase, 336 candidates were successful, out of which 247 are from Sindh and 89 are from Punjab. In the second phase, polling was held in 12 districts of Punjab and 14 districts of Sindh. Thousands of hopefuls contested in Toba Tek Singh, Hafizabad, Mandi Bahauddin, Sheikhupura and Khanewal. During the polling, complaints piled up in the complaint cell at the provincial election commission office in Lahore. Formed two teams for this, which received more than twenty complaints of irregularities and fighting during the polling. On the other hand, 14 districts of Sindh, Hyderabad, Tando Muhammad Khan, Tando Al Hiyar, Matiari, Dadu, Jamshoro, Badin, Polling was held in Thatta, Sajawal, Shaheed Benazirabad, Tharparkar, Mirpur Khas, Umarkot and Nowshehro Feroze.

During the second phase of the elections, more than 71 lakh 37 thousand voters of the province exercised their right to vote. The Election Commission postponed the elections held today in 76 Union Councils of 8 districts of Sindh and announced new constituencies in 15 days.

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Local body elections: The lion’s roar has once again engulfed Punjab, the arrows in Sindh have blown the wings of the opponents, the PTI’s burden is heavy in Mianwali.

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