No directive issued to stop net metering, Energy Minister

No directive issued to stop net metering, Energy Minister
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No directive issued to stop net metering, Energy Minister

Energy Minister Owais Leghari has said that no directive has been issued to stop net metering, baseless news about stopping net metering has been spread.

Speaking on the attention notice in the Senate meeting, the energy minister said that more than 1500 MW of electricity is being generated in Pakistan today from private solar systems, we never said that we are ending the policy of net metering. There was no discussion on the net metering policy in the negotiations with the IMF.

Owais Laghari said that while not wanting to discourage investment in solar systems, he welcomes wealthy people to invest in solar.

Owais Laghari said that net metering system was started in 2017 in the PML-G government, solar had good growth in Pakistan. There are 1 lakh 13 thousand solar net metering connections.

He said that the prices of solar panels have decreased in the international market, solar investment is profitable at this time.

Owais Leghari said that on which day did we say that we are discouraging net metering? This news came in the newspapers, it was not discussed in the talks with the IMF, we have proposed reforms in the power sector, anchors are saying that we are discouraging solar panels.

The energy minister further said that the upper class people are doing well by investing in it, those who used to invest 2 years ago would get their money back in 3 years, now it comes in 18 months.

He said that we are a responsible policy maker, I am giving a clear policy statement, if there is a review of the policy, it will be done in a transparent manner by negotiating with the partners, there is no such policy that will change the net metering.

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