Now they have an option to kill us, Rauf Hasan

Now they have an option to kill us, Rauf Hasan
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Now they have an option to kill us, Rauf Hasan

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Tehreek-e-Insaaf spokesperson Rauf Hassan has said that now they have an option to kill us.

While holding a press conference in Islamabad, Rauf Hassan said that our secretariat was raided at night, those who cannot work in the light of day do it in the darkness of night.

Rauf Hassan said that in the presence of the United Nations delegation, the party secretariat was raided, the vehicles of the international delegation were checked and hatred was expressed.

Rauf Hassan said that he maintained his attitude and it continued to intensify, he tried the tactics of the fascist state, the people of Pakistan voted for PTI in the election.

He said that despite the atrocities, PTI and its founding chairman became more popular, Tehreek-e-Insaaf is getting stronger and stronger. Government is responsible.

On this occasion, Latif Khosa said that the office of Pakistan’s largest party was sealed, the Punjab office has been sealed since May 9, the owner of PTI Punjab office was arrested after May 9. has been.

Latif Khosa said, “Who are you to attack the judiciary? At present, the judiciary is being attacked as a proxy. Insulting the judges will not be tolerated under any circumstances.”

Latif Khosa said that you ridiculed the judiciary, said offensive words on the judges, we stand with the judges, Article 204 will be imposed on those who insult the court.

He said that the position of the founder of PTI should be shown directly to the world, the attack on Rauf Hassan is the end of fascism, PTI will not back down from such attacks, when you close the offices of political parties, it is illegal. Parties get a chance.

Also, Ali Mohammad Khan said that do you think the founder PTI’s ideology is in a building, Yasmeen Rashid, who is fighting cancer, is in trouble for treatment.

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