ONXE LED USB Clock Fan with Real Time Display Function,Stocking Stuffers for Men Christmas Gadgets,1 Year Warranty (Clock

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Usb FansUsb Fans

Tech Gadgets FansTech Gadgets Fans

Makeup OrganizerMakeup Organizer Notes on the use of office gadgets

USB fans blades of the fan are not protected by a protective cover, so please be careful not to get your hands, hair or other objects near the fan blades into the fan during use to avoid injury.

USB Fans–Tech Gadgets

USB fan consists of two soft PVC fan blades, which are safe to use, and one of them contains a high-tech chip designed to display LED clock scale and accurate time during fan rotation.The gooseneck connection design allows you to turn the fan to any desired orientation with ease.Convenient UBS connection port, can make the fan gadgets diverse connection charging treasure, computer, etc., in the use of the place has more choices, such as office, school, home, etc.
Fan package size: 3.5 x 16.14 x 0.79 inches. Weight of the fans: 1.44 ounces. Connection: USB port for computers, rechargeable batteries, etc.

Cool Tech Gadgets–USB Fans

Cool Gadgets FanCool Gadgets Fan

When you start the USB fan, the fan blades display the correct dial time as they rotate, making it an attention-grabbing tech gadget!The tech-filled usb fan is the wonderful futuristic electronic gadgets gift for man or girls!

Tech GadgetsTech Gadgets

Usb Fan GiftUsb Fan Gift

Cool Tech Gadgets FanCool Tech Gadgets Fan

PVC Soft Fan Blades

The technical design of the fan blade contains a chip that displays the correct clock scale by means of led light when the fan is in operation.

Connection Line

USB fan cable is 15.75 inches long. Twist and rotate in multiple directions for everyday use in multiple venues, ideal futuristic gadget!

Pushbutton Operation

The office gadget fan is controlled by a protruding push-button on/off switch, which allows you to start or turn off the fan with just a flick of the finger!

USB Fans–Multi-Functional Use

Usb FansUsb Fans

PVC soft fan blades are safe to use and the gooseneck is flexibly bent. Gently adjust the flexible neck to the position you need to keep cool in any position.
Ideal for desktops and laptops, simply plug in any USB port on your laptop or PC without installing a driver.
Gently adjust the flexible neck to positon the cool breeze anywhere you wish.
The Temperature clock fan is a USB fan with a special blade that creates an LED clock face!