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Out of the Box – Express Urdu


Kanpur is a major industrial city in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. This city also has the world’s largest leather factory and cotton mills. Anil Kumar is a resident of this Kanpur city. He belongs to a middle class family.

She taught her daughter Arvi engineering with great difficulty. Arvi got married in 2016. Her husband was a computer engineer. After marriage, Arvi shifted to Delhi and got a job at the airport. Allah also gave him a daughter. Most of Anil Kumar’s capital was spent on his daughter’s education, so he could not give Arvi a valuable dowry. Daughter’s in-laws were greedy.

Arvi was patient in the beginning but the matter gradually worsened until it came to the point of divorce.’ Arvi spoke to her father in April 2024. ‘Father went to Delhi.’ What was the wrong decision? These people are small-minded and his daughter is not happy here. She cannot be happy. This relationship will end sooner or later because there is a big gap in the thinking of both husband and wife. Kumar allowed the daughter to divorce, but he placed a strange condition in front of the daughter’s in-laws.

He said, “I have sent my daughter to your house with drums and gongs. She came here dressed as a bridegroom. She was wearing a red wedding dress. She was riding in a wedding car and she was carrying dowry goods.” had also come ‘My daughter will return home in the same way as her father-in-law came’ she will be decorated ‘she will wear a red ensemble and I will take her back with drums and gongs’ the father-in-law looked at her in surprise. The mother-in-law stuffed her dupatta in her mouth’ and the father-in-law started staring at Anil Kumar while the son-in-law started laughing.

These people thought “Buddha sathya gaya hai” daughter also thought the same in the beginning but father said “Son, daughters are considered a burden in our society” parents do not even give them higher education compared to sons and they They don’t even let you do a job, while I didn’t consider you a burden from the first day. Chhata tum sad ‘come back home upset and disturbed’ secondly in our society divorced girls are considered unlucky ‘these poor women spend their whole lives in white sarees’ people don’t even invite them to weddings.

I also want to change this tradition. I want to tell the society that even after divorce, daughters remain daughters. They don’t become ugly, so please accept it as my wish. The daughter hugged her father and started crying. The day of Anil Kumar’s daughter’s return has been fixed. The father dressed her in wedding clothes and then took the daughter back to his home with the bajas and gajs. This sight was seen by the whole of Kanpur. The media also covered it. After the ‘gesture’, the confidence of Kanpur women has increased.

Now listen to the story of one of my acquaintances. He is a respectable and happy person. He married his daughter with great enthusiasm. The daughter was well-educated and well-mannered, while her father-in-law turned out to be the complete opposite. Those people had money, they had cars and bank balances, and they also did business, but they did not even come close to Tahzeeb and Tamizan. The daughter stayed there for a year and a half, but she never breathed a Sikh breath even for a day. When the father found out, He immediately went to the daughter’s in-laws – saw the situation – talked to the daughter in private and then asked her in-laws for a divorce – those people were rude – they refused to give the divorce.

The father filed a claim for divorce and he used to take his daughter with him to the court for every appearance. The judge was a good woman. It’s over but the real story comes after that’ this gentleman gave a regular party to his entire family and friends and announced in that party ‘my daughter is very good’ he married on our choice but our decision turned out to be wrong. .

We have taken the Khula and we are inviting you on the occasion of the Khula ‘You pray for my daughter’s future’ People rose from their seats ‘Clap and encourage the daughter and give her lots of prayers’ The daughter Confidence skyrocketed ‘She started a business after that and is now living a very successful and prosperous life’ She also got married last year of her choice ‘Her husband supports her in her business’ Giving.

Now let’s take a third example. A gentleman from Karachi married his daughter to a big boy. The daughter’s father-in-law was very good. Allah blessed the daughter with children. The couple was very happy with their home life, but then. Suddenly one day his son-in-law had a heart attack and he could not live. This shock was terrible. After the son-in-law’s burial, daughters return to their parents’ homes in Pakistan. But there the situation was different. Both daughter’s father-in-law and mother-in-law loved their daughter-in-law and grandson very much. They could not imagine living without them.

The daughter was also very angry with the mother-in-law and the father-in-law, so the father-in-law refused to send the daughter-in-law back, and tension started between the two families. Chisp came up with a solution, they bought a house together which had three portions, in one portion the mother and father of the boy shifted, in the second portion the mother-in-law and father-in-law lived, and in the third portion the girl and her son lived. ‘The lawn and the garage were common, so all these people were together and apart.

The girl was only 28 years old, her whole life was lying, so the parents, mother-in-law and father-in-law found her relationship together and brought a son-in-law home, so the whole family got adjusted. They got married and the daughter started a new married life so everyone was safe from trouble and now listen to one last story ‘Bushra Ansari is a famous actress of the country’ we all have become young by watching her plays and performances.

She was married to Iqbal Ansari in 1978. Iqbal Ansari is a famous director and producer of TV. They have children and they are living a successful life after marriage. Divorced from Iqbal Ansari in 2014. After the divorce, she remained single for ten years and a few weeks ago, at the age of 68, she married Iqbal Hussain, 20 years younger than her. This marriage was very controversial in the media. This objection was correct.

There is no tradition of divorce of grandmother in our society and if it happens, the second marriage of grandmother is unbearable, but my opinion is completely different from it. If we were not made for each other or our decision to marry was wrong then what is wrong in breaking this relationship and secondly if the woman is happy with a man 20 years younger than her at the age of 68 and that man accepts her happily. If he is accepting it, what is wrong with it? What is wrong with it and who are we to object to it?

Our society is really sick. It is tied up in such absurd traditions which have killed the spirit of people. If only we could think a little out of the box, let us see that the marriages of saints and Gods have been failing and did their lives stop after that.

Life doesn’t stop and it shouldn’t stop, so if only we could bring our daughter back home with drums and gongs like Anil Kumar, or like Bushra Ansari, we could make our own decision and express it openly. Society really needs some fundamental changes. If we stay tied to the stones of the past, we will not be able to swim in the river of life. We will not be able to breathe. give

Out of the Box – Express Urdu