Project to install telescopes in schools

Project to install telescopes in schools
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Project to install telescopes in schools

On May 27, school children will be made to observe the moon through a telescope

Islamabad: The federal government has decided to introduce astronomy to school children with space technology.

According to sources, the Ministry of Education has started work on the promotion of astronomy in government schools of Islamabad.

Secretary Ministry of Education Mohiuddin Wani issued instructions to the concerned departments to install large telescopes in schools of Islamabad.

In the first phase, as a test, a large telescope will be installed in a school and school children will be observed the moon from the telescope on May 27.

In the telescope session, public school students will be able to observe space and planets. In the first phase, 10 to 12 school students will be observed through the large telescope. On the night of May 27 between 9 and 10:30, the moon, stars and sky will be observed.

The telescope session will be attended by teachers and children’s parents along with the children. Children will also be made to observe the sun with solar glasses during the day time.

Secretary of the Ministry of Education Muhyiddin Wani said that after the summer vacation, an effort will be made to provide a large telescope in every primary school.

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