Qatriya Nisaan is the prison of Sadaf

Qatriya Nisaan is the prison of Sadaf
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Qatriya Nisaan is the prison of Sadaf

Mr. Salman Akram Raja is a prominent jurist and lawyer of our country. His talk on private TV channels is very serious and understandable. For some time now he has been associated with PTI and has given his heart to the founder of PTI.

In the elections of February 8, 2024, he also contested the MNA election from Lahore with the support of PTI’s platform and PTI’s fans. Against Mr. Aun Chaudhary. But Raja Sahib lost to Bujo Aun Chaudhary.

This defeat has not been accepted by Salman Akram Raja Sahib with all his heart and soul. Raja Sahib is among those leaders of PTI who regularly and lovingly go to Adiala Jail to meet their imprisoned leader and founder of PTI.

The next day Mr. Salman Akram Raja Sahib reached Adiala Jail and on his return he tweeted: “Talking to our leader Mr. Imran Khan is encouraging. Good books are often discussed in the meeting. Imran Khan is counted among those who read with deep attention and concentration.

The last time I met him in Adiala Jail, he mentioned a famous novel by the Russian novelist, Leo Tolstoy, Haji Murad. Haji Murad was a well-known Chechen resistance leader and freedom fighter of the 19th century and Tolstoy was his great admirer. Accordingly some books were taken as gifts.

He also shared pictures of these books with his followers on Twitter. When Rakim saw this picture, I saw that Salman Akram had taken two books written by Leo Tolstoy (War and Peace and The Death of Ivan Ilyich) and Selected Works of Mao Zedong written by the famous Chinese ruler Mao.

From these books presented by Raja Sahib to the PTI captive leader as a gift, we can guess how great is Khan Sahib’s reading taste! Khan Sahib himself is a writer and politician. The Jail Yatra has sharpened his taste for studies. This means that they have got many political benefits from the Jail Yatra, while there are also ample opportunities to read mind-blowing books. And this blessing is not less.

In the era of Khan Sahib, Bujo Nawaz Sharif, Shehbaz Sharif, Ms. Maryam Nawaz, many leaders of the Non-League were also jailed, but we rarely heard that they were sometimes found reading books behind the wall or someone who loved them. Gifts of books were presented. The fundamental difference between the leadership of the Non-League and the leadership of PTI can be felt from here.

Among the prominent workers and leaders of PTI who have been jailed in the background of the May 9 tragedy, one is a lawyer by profession and a close friend of the founder of PTI.

After meeting his captive son, his father has tweeted that his son has memorized 20 surahs of the Holy Quran. He has studied 3 books and dozens of other books on the Prophet’s biography. Today, the whole family was very happy together.

More than a year has passed since this tragedy, but no major accused has been punished yet. Meanwhile, in the February 8 elections, many of the accused have even been elected as members of the national and provincial assemblies. Many have become senators. A gentleman has also been elected as the Chief Minister. One of the main accused has allegedly been freed by taking advantage of American citizenship.

However, Jin Sahib has read Holy Quran and biographical books in the jail. If he was out of the jail, he might not have been able to achieve this blessing. Jail yatra is proving to be a blessing for many PTI leaders. That’s why Allama Iqbal said: He is a prisoner of faith who has a high nature / Qatria Nisan is more honorable than the prison of Sadaf!

Keeping one’s nerves under control while staying behind the high fences of the prison is a more difficult process. But there were many leaders of the sub-continent who took advantage of the days of prison pilgrimage and thus wrote many historical works during the days of captivity. Do it. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad wrote such letters while in jail that became a masterpiece of Urdu literature. These letters have now been compiled in book form under the name of “Ghabbar-i-Khater” and have become extremely famous.

Mr. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Shaheed wrote books about fighting while sitting behind the bars of the jail. Former Prime Minister and now Chairman of the Senate, Mr. Yusuf Raza Gilani, wrote his magnificent autobiography (Chah-e-Yusuf se Sada) during a prison yatra during the Musharraf era.

If Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif had also compiled his political memoirs during the Jail Yatra, it would have been a valuable addition to our political literature. Many secrets would be revealed and many veiled people would be exposed. But this was not our fate. If the PTI founder also read books in jail, if they make up the past events and tragedies on themselves, it will also be a great favor to the nation.

Qatriya Nisaan is the prison of Sadaf