Raid on ‘Shaitan network’ in Iran, 250 people arrested

Raid on ‘Shaitan network’ in Iran, 250 people arrested
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Raid on ‘Shaitan network’ in Iran, 250 people arrested

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Law enforcement agencies in Iran arrested more than 250 people in an operation against the ‘Satanist network’.

According to Iran’s official news agency, the arrests were made in the capital Tehran, including three European citizens, who were involved in promoting Satanism.

The Iranian news agency wrote that the satanic network was broken in Tehran. 146 men and 115 women have been arrested, alcohol and other drugs prohibited under Islamic law in Iran have also been seized.

According to media reports, 73 vehicles have also been taken into custody during this operation.

According to the report, satanic marks were made on the clothes, head, face and hair of the arrested persons and these persons were in inappropriate and dirty condition.

The Iranian News Agency has also published some pictures in this regard, in which masks are shown and skull masks are also made on shirts.

According to foreign media, arrests have been made several times in Iran by raiding gatherings and parties where alcohol, music and drugs were being used.

According to reports, in 2007, police raided a concert in Tehran and arrested 230 people after reports emerged that people were drinking blood at the party.

According to foreign media, in July 2009, the police arrested three people in the north-western province of Ardabil on the charge of worshiping the devil.

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