Record-breaking heat forecast in Saudi Arabia

Record-breaking heat forecast in Saudi Arabia
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Record-breaking heat forecast in Saudi Arabia

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The Saudi Meteorological Department has issued a severe heat alert on the occasion of Hajj this year.

Ayman Ghulam, the head of the Saudi Meteorological Department, has warned the Hajj pilgrims that the Hajj season is coming this time in June when it is very hot and the humidity in the air increases, while this year from June 24 to 29, the hottest time of the year. It will be the last time.

After a workshop recently, he expressed his views regarding the possible effects of heat this year and said that the relevant institutions should be fully aware of the weather conditions so that all necessary measures can be taken in time while the pilgrims inside the Hajj camps. Administrative issues related to food and drink were also reviewed.

Ayman Ghulam says that more than 24 lakh people will perform Hajj this year. All the necessary arrangements for them in extreme heat require extraordinary attention.

He said that the Saudi government is alert in this regard and is active to provide maximum facilities to the Hajj pilgrims.

It is clear that more or less three crore people performed Umrah during Ramadan this year. Considering the large number of Umrah pilgrims, the Saudi authorities are estimating that this time the number of Hajj pilgrims will be more than 2.4 million.

This year, the performance of Hajj rituals is expected from June 14 to 19.

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