Report of the Faizabad Dharna Commission

Report of the Faizabad Dharna Commission
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Report of the Faizabad Dharna Commission

The investigation report of the Faizabad Dharna Commission has been rejected by the Chief Justice of Pakistan. This is not news as government ministers have already rejected the report.

Several ministers including Federal Defense Minister Khawaja Asif and Ahsan Iqbal had rejected this report after it was made public, so this report should have been rejected by the court as well, so I did not see any news in it. Perhaps the members of the commission also knew that the report prepared by them will be rejected because the most important points are missing in it, the government also knew the truth of this report and its end. Everyone knew that the report would be rejected.

When everyone knew that this report would not be able to stand for a minute in the court, then why was it presented? Why did the government itself not reject this report? I think whatever happened, the game plan was to buy time for a new investigation. Now the question is, how long will the time be taken? The simple answer is, until the Chief Justice gives up the life of the case. Or until they retire. Now another question is whether the Chief Justice will give up the life of this case? I do not think. With only a few months left in his retirement, it may not be so easy for those using delaying tactics in the Dharna case to get a few months off. But it has also happened in the past that some months have been taken out in this way.

Self-proclaimed anti-establishment masters argue that the present establishment, despite differences with the past establishment, has protected the characters of the past establishment to such an extent that they cannot be punished by any court.

There is weight in this argument, but there is also the fact that the controversial characters of the establishment appeared in the court according to the law, the cases were also conducted, General Pervez Musharraf was also punished, but was there ever a case registered against any judge of the Supreme Court? Has a judge been called to account in court? I do not find any example. There the red line remains intact.

Institutional differences are there, but it is not possible that a retired judge of the Supreme Court should be allowed to be punished by the court, there is no question of a serving judge. In this context, I am of the opinion that this time too there will be no change in the policy, but the failure of the dharnacommission is also in front.

One question that has been raised is that the Faizabad Dharna Commission did not talk to the TLP and did not investigate any officials. However, no investigation into the Faizabad sit-in is possible without investigating TLP. They should be investigated, but will they tell the truth? I do not think. Will they tell who was the mastermind of their dharna, what were the sources of financial resources to run the dharna? No, not at all. You call them. The answer is clear that no one told them. They considered protesting as their religious duty. A

B is the question of the signature of the military officer on the agreement. The simple answer will be that he did not trust the government, so the condition was made to make the army a guarantor, which was accepted by both the government and the army. I think that if the present leadership of TLP is called, it is not likely that they will expose any conspiracy.

The TLP has not got the success it expected in the 2024 elections. He is also of the same opinion that he has been prevented from reaching the Parliament. TLP Ameer Saad Rizvi opined that he was winning from Attock. They will also be embraced by the establishment. But they will never become a sworn witness against anyone.

this is the truth. TLP also tried to hold dharna in Imran Khan government but it failed. So I have no hope that investigation of Faizabad dharna will yield anything. When there is no witness, when there is no evidence. So how will the punishment be?

The required proofs are not possible, that’s why I call and understand the Faizabad Dharna Commission as Mati Pao Commission and Save Everyone Commission.

Report of the Faizabad Dharna Commission