Return of children from Kyrgyzstan, rent dispute

Return of children from Kyrgyzstan, rent dispute
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Return of children from Kyrgyzstan, rent dispute

A strange controversy is emerging regarding the return of children from Kyrgyzstan. I think Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif should be given less credit that he took immediate steps to bring back these children. First, an Air Force plane was sent to bring back the first batch of them. Even after that, several flights have been operated for their return.

With the timely action of Shahbaz Sharif, the children trapped there got a chance to return to their homeland. Otherwise, there are not enough routine flights from there to bring all these children back. Special ships have been sent to pick up these children. Which, however, is a credit to the government of Pakistan and especially to Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif.

Kyrgyzstan is a small country. There is a small embassy of Pakistan. There is very little staff. But more than fifteen thousand Pakistani children have gone to study there. There are a few officers in the embassy, ​​and these few officers have done whatever work they could. The Prime Minister was in constant touch with this embassy.

Children were helped as much as possible. Now a few officers could not reach 15 thousand children in one night, nor could the calls of 15 thousand children be heard on an individual level, nor could the embassy afford to provide everything to 15 thousand children in one night. So to think that everything was possible overnight is wrong. We should only criticize the number of embassy officers and their capacity.

I think the role of social media has been very negative in the case of Kyrgyzstan as well. Our social media has run such stories that everyone is shocked. First, the news of the death of three children was broadcast. Our friends on social media don’t care about what their irresponsible journalism has done to parents.

What crisis has happened in the country? But they spread the news of the death of three children in a circle of likes and views. The matter did not end here. After that, the news of the rape of Pakistani girls studying there was also broadcast. Such news caused great anxiety in the country. The parents were very worried. That’s what fake news is called. There is no cure for this fake news in Pakistan. Both the state and the society are helpless in front of such fake news. Our helplessness is palpable.

When the return of the children has started and the children have started coming back, another new discussion has been started that these children are returning home by spending their own ticket. The government of Pakistan has only sent the plane, the tickets have been purchased by the children themselves. Such interviews of children have been conducted that we have come back after spending our own money.

No one is ready to understand that the special plane has gone and you are back. Instead of giving credit to the Government of Pakistan and Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif for running the special flights, the propaganda was started that the children had spent their own ticket money. An environment has been created as if these children have been oppressed by taking ticket money. They should have been brought back for free.

After that, the KP government of Tehreek-e-Insaf announced to bring the children free. He has also allocated six crore rupees initially for this purpose. A special flight funded by the KP government has also returned home with three hundred children.

Rent was not taken from these three hundred children. Rather, their rent has been paid by the KP government itself. Now the question has arisen whether these children should be brought back at the government’s expense. Shouldn’t they take rent money from them? Is it wrong to take rent from them? Is it permissible to spend government money on them?

First of all, understand that these are not poor children. They are studying in Kyrgyzstan by paying fees in dollars. They are spending money there in monthly dollars. These are the children of homes that eat and drink. Their parents are spending thousands of dollars a month on them. Therefore, I do not understand what is the justification for spending the money of the government of Pakistan on the children of the rich.

If these were children of the poor, whose parents could not afford to pay their return fare, surely we could say that the government should pay their fare. But should the rent concession be given to the children of the elite? These can cost thousands of dollars in fees. If you can spend thousands of dollars a month, why not spend a few hundred dollars on tickets?

So charging rent from them is not wrong. Now see the KP government has spent crores of rupees from the public treasury for the return of these children. This money has been spent only to humiliate the federal government. Otherwise, on the one hand, the KP government is of the opinion that they do not have money to spend on the welfare of the poor in their province. On the other hand, the travel expenses of the children of the elite are being spent from the treasury of the province.

I don’t understand the logic of paying their expenses when their parents and these children can pay for their own ticket. It is also wrong if they are spent only to degrade each other in politics. If Chief Minister KP wanted to pay the travel expenses of these children, he should have paid from his own pocket. You can spend as much money as you want on your politics from your own pocket, but such spending cannot be justified from the public treasury.

It was the duty of the government of Pakistan to arrange the evacuation of children from there. This duty was performed well by the Prime Minister of Pakistan and his team. It is the duty of the Government of Pakistan to protect every Pakistani citizen. This duty should be performed without distinction between the rich and the poor. Rich and poor are all equal. But while spending the resources, it should be taken care that the right to the resources belongs only to those classes who need them. Our biggest problem is that we are spending government resources on the rich instead of the poor.

Subsidies are also being given to the rich. Now that the KP government has paid the travel expenses of the children of the rich. This money should have been spent on those children who do not have money for fees and who cannot study further because of money.

They should be given scholarship. But those who study abroad have failed to get admission in Pakistan on merit. These are not worthy children. Their parents are giving them a good education on top of their wealth. So they should have been charged for the ticket. And the KP government’s step is wrong. This is not a matter of politics. It is a matter of spending resources properly.

Return of children from Kyrgyzstan, rent dispute