Risk of heat wave, PDMA Punjab issued guidelines

Risk of heat wave, PDMA Punjab issued guidelines
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Risk of heat wave, PDMA Punjab issued guidelines

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In view of the threat of heat wave, the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) Punjab has issued guidelines to the concerned institutions.

Director General PDMA says that severe heat wave is expected in Punjab from May 21 to 27. Big cities, plains, southern districts are at risk of severe heatstroke.

DGP DMA directed DCs to ensure heat wave prevention facilities at public places.

The district administration has been directed to conduct public awareness campaigns through helpline numbers and announcements in mosques.

The DG says that through print, electronic and social media, inform about the dangers of heat wave, farmers should be made aware of the effects of heat wave on crops.

DG PDMA directed to keep veterinary care centers functional 24 hours a day and ensure supply of clean water at animal market places.

PDMA Punjab directed the health department to cancel the leave of doctors and paramedical staff and asked the health department to set up heatwave counters in hospitals. Availability of medicines should be ensured for the first aid of people affected by heat wave.

PDMA Punjab directed to set up mobile health units at public places and medical campuses on permanent basis, education department to install pina-flexes on heatwave prevention at entry points of schools, reduction in school timings, age 5 Holidays should be given to children up to

DGP DMA says citizens should avoid unnecessary travel during heat wave.

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