Safar-e-Hajj – Express Urdu

Safar-e-Hajj – Express Urdu
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Safar-e-Hajj – Express Urdu

The intensity of heat is at its peak. The sounds of thirst and thirst are heard from all sides. The situation is that the people are suffering like fish without water. The heat of the summer has turned the good into the bad. It feels like the sun is losing control with anger.

Blessed are those rich people who, taking pity on the thirsty, arrange the sables and prepare their destiny and add reward upon reward. On the other hand, there are the exploitative classes who live a luxurious life in their air-conditioned rooms by sucking the blood of the people like leeches and do not care about the plight of the poor.

It seems that they will never die and will never have to give an account of what they have done. Their philosophy and purpose of life is only this.

Babur is very proud that the world is no more

In the tumultuous period of unemployment, workers are braving the harsh weather conditions in this discouraging time to maintain the bond between themselves and their children.

Even clean drinking water is not available for these poor people. Desperate people are falling unconscious due to extreme heat and they have no helper and no heirs except the charitable hospitals. Salutations to those philanthropic people who have established charitable institutions out of pity for God’s creation, otherwise I don’t know what would have happened.

In this terrible and horrible era of back breaking, the common people are not even able to afford a headache pill due to the high prices of medicines and these unfortunates are also suffering from two meals a day of bread. This situation of inequality is becoming more and more serious and there is a fear that this lava will not explode. The requirement of these situations is that the rulers should remedy this dire situation as soon as possible and Islam friendship and Give evidence of philanthropy:

Be kind to the people of the earth

God will be merciful on the throne of the righteous

In this context, this thought-provoking poem of the great poet Allama Iqbal comes to mind:

Lovers of God are walking around in thousands of buns

I will be the servant of the one who loves the servants of God

It is a pity that this poem of the artist of Pakistan has been completely forgotten and the behavior of the ruling class is that the wealth of the beloved country is the booty that you can loot as much as you want and have fun. Therefore:

Built for Aish Tajmal Hussain Khan

This attitude is not of a specific ruling class but more or less of all the rulers have been like this:

All are naked in a bath

The matter is like this according to Iqbal himself.

If he wakes up from a dream, he is a little subdued

Then the ruler’s concubine puts him to sleep

The sad point is that the faces keep changing but there is no change in the process. What else can be said in this environment.

Do not disturb the heart in the dark night of sorrow

The morning will surely come, wait for the morning

Disappointment is disbelief and hope should never be lost because the internal and external dark clouds hovering over the country’s horizon demand the same.

On the one hand, this is the summer season and on the other hand, it is the spring season of Hajj for the believers, and the process of departure of caravans after caravans continues. The enthusiasm of the travelers of the path of righteousness is to be seen which is beyond words. It is noteworthy that among them are also those madmen who have arranged this journey by adding money and money, while on the other hand they also include the unfortunate ones. There are those who are deprived of this spiritual journey despite being the owners of immense wealth. Long story short:

There is no happiness by force of arms

The point is very clear and simple. If Allah doesn’t grant it, man’s work is not enough.

We are reminded of the time when our better half i.e. my wife intended to perform Hajj and took the help of my younger brother who was going with his wife to go on this holy journey. When he mentioned this to us, one color came on our faces and the other went away.

After all, Begum is Begum, so she took everything. When could she bear to leave us on this spiritual journey? We do not know how and why he arranged for our birth and announced the good news that we will also be traveling with him as spouses. Long story short, this is how we also joined the list of pilgrims.

Safar-e-Hajj – Express Urdu