sale of rights; Former ICC officials will assist

sale of rights;  Former ICC officials will assist
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sale of rights; Former ICC officials will assist

The 3-year international TV contract will include 61 matches of the Pakistan team (Photo: File).

Karachi: The ex-ICC official will assist the PCB in the sale of international television rights.

Last month, the Pakistan Cricket Board set an arbitrary reserve price of around $21 million for the 3-year international media rights, which none came close to after all bids were rejected, then only the home series from New Zealand and West Indies re-tendered for women’s series

A consortium of a Pakistani media group and a private company acquired the rights for $99,000 (about Rs. 2.76 million). It has started trying to sell international media rights for a period of one year.

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The Pakistan team will play 61 matches during this period, including 11 Tests, 26 ODIs and 24 T20Is. In this regard, the former commercial manager of the International Cricket Council, Campbell Jamieson, will assist. Yes, he has also provided consultancy in the past in the sale of rights to Pakistan.

Some circles also raised the question that despite the presence of many officials, why does the PCB need to get help from outside?

Sources said that Chairman Mohsin Naqvi wants to bring transparency in all matters of PCB, he is trying to sell the rights for a large amount and in the past there is no objection from a company, that’s why Campbell Jamison Services have been taken.

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