Seeing the situation in Gaza will make my head explode, Swara Bhaskar

Seeing the situation in Gaza will make my head explode, Swara Bhaskar
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Seeing the situation in Gaza will make my head explode, Swara Bhaskar

Swara Bhaskar calls for ceasefire in Gaza: Photo: Web Desk

Mumbai: Indian actress Swara Bhaskar once again demanded a ceasefire in Gaza while raising her voice against Israeli brutality and brutality.

In a post on her official Instagram handle, Swara Bhaskar said that every time I open social media, I feel like my head will explode after seeing the dire situation in Gaza.

The actress said that Israeli attacks have been going on in Gaza since October 7, at that time my daughter was only 15 days old, now my daughter can stand up without support, makes constant noises, recognizes everyone, reacts to everyone’s words. Gives

He said that when I look at my daughter, I think that here my daughter is growing with each passing day and there in Gaza Israel is constantly killing innocent Palestinians.

Swara Bhaskar said that Israel is starving the people of Gaza, slaughtering children, small children are being shot dead, Palestinian hospitals are being attacked, doctors and medical staff are being killed.

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The Indian actress said that newborn babies are dying in the ICU of Gaza hospitals, dead bodies are rotting in the hospitals and for all this America is providing support to Israel, America is sending more weapons to Israel. are

Expressing great anger, he said that on the other hand, white men and women in positions of power are still debating whether this is genocide.

In the end, Swara Bhaskar lamented that this world is so broken and weak that it could not save even the innocent children.

It should be noted that Swara Bhaskar is the only Bollywood actress who is constantly raising her voice for Gaza through her social media platforms, she has called for a ceasefire in Gaza many times before.

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