Purpose of the Policy

ABC Express's Buyer-Seller Interaction Policy outlines the standard of behavior that sellers need to follow when connecting with customers on the Question & Answer Section, Instant Messenger, and Product Review Platform (of ABC Express).

This policy is in addition to, and in no way limits, other obligations of the sellers pursuant to the Marketplace Agreement.


“Product Review Platform” means the product reviews section on the Product Page on ABC Express Platform.

“Question and Answer Section” means question and answer section on the Product page on ABC Express Platform.

Policy Guidelines

1. All Sellers are prohibited from conducting immoral/inappropriate behavior which include but may not be limited to:

1.1. Sending inappropriate and unsolicited spam messages or emails to customers or other sellers.

1.1.1. Spam is a message, or part of a message that is both unsolicited and commercial in nature. Unsolicited means that recipient did not request for the message. Commercial in nature means that the message discusses, buying, selling and/or trading of goods and services.

1.1.2. Sending threats to customers or other sellers using any mode of communication i.e. phone calls, text messages, emails.

1.1.3. Displaying immoral behavior when answering customer questions on Question and Answer Section. Example “Product is not expensive, you are poor"

1.1.4. Using profanities and/or hate speech on ABC Express Platform in communicating with customers and/or other sellers.

2. Sellers are encouraged to “Report” the question instead of replying to a question which is rude and inappropriate in order to hide it from the Question and Answer Section.

3. All Sellers are prohibited from sharing their personal information /asking for contact details on Product Review Platform and/or Question and Answer Section of ABC Express Platform or Initiating Communication with Customers off of ABC Express .
Example of sharing personal information: “Contact me at zero three four five…” or "Visit my website"

4. All sellers are prohibited from communicating with ABC Express customers outside of the Question & Answer and Product Review Platform. Sellers are not allowed to induce buyers to conduct offline transactions.

4.1. Offline transactions are transactions which originate from the ABC Express platform, but are executed and completed outside of the ABC Express platform. Sellers who are found and verified to have violated our platform rules, by inducing buyers to complete offline transactions, will be penalized.

5. All sellers are required to respond to buyers within the agreed time frame as part of all sellers’ commitment to be trustworthy and reliable.

6. Standard SLA to reply to a customer query will be within working hours.

7. ABC Express is dedicated to creating a trusted platform, connecting sellers to buyers, that promises an amazing online experience. ABC Express does not allow any sellers (or buyers) to deliberately create any form of an unhappy transaction, in any manner, for each party.

8. Self Promotion is prohibited: Sellers are not allowed to conduct fake conversations with intentions to increase their performance, in one way or another, on ABC Express platform. Any seller who is found to have conducted fake conversations, or in a way or another collaborated with someone else to do it, to intentionally increase performance on ABC Express will be penalized.

9. Sellers cannot under any circumstances ask the customer to cancel his/her order on their behalf since ABC Express has a zero tolerance policy against such buyer-seller interaction.

Consequences of Breaching Policy

  1. If a seller is found to breach the Policy through any of the above actions, seller will be given two (02) email warnings for the first two offences.
  2. After the email warnings, if the seller continues to breach the Policy, his product page/shop will be delisted/taken offline for seven (07) days from ABC Express Platform for the third offence.
  3. For any subsequent (Nth) offences, after the third offence, the seller shall continue being delisted for another seven (07) days and so forth until the seller stops breaching the Policy.


1st Offence

2nd Offence

3rd Offence

Nth Offence

Sharing/Asking Personal Information or
Initiating Communication with Customers off of ABC Express

Email warning

Email warning

7 days delist

7 days delist

Immoral/Inappropriate behavior

Email warning

7 days delist

Shop Delist (Permanent)

Shop Delist (Permanent)


Seller Code of Conduct

Business Integrity, Anti Bribery

Business must be carried out with a high degree of ethics, honesty and fair dealings; ensuring staff is familiar with such policies/procedures and does not engage in threats, bribery or corruption practices. The offering, paying, soliciting or accepting of bribes or kick-backs, including facilitation payments, is strictly prohibited.


Child Labor

Employment of children in any form is strictly prohibited. Business partners and suppliers shall employ only those workers, who meet the minimum age criterion of 14 years or legal minimum age for working in any specific country, whichever is greater. Further, workers below 18 years of age should not be employed night shifts and in hazardous conditions. All applicable laws relating to young labor including employment, wages, working hours, overtime and working conditions shall be complied with.


Forced Labor

All forms of forced and bonded labor are prohibited including compulsory overtime. Workers should be able to voluntarily end their employment without any restrictions. Any restrictions on employees to voluntarily end their employment, such as excessive notice periods or substantial fines for terminating their employment contracts, are prohibited.


Harassment & Abuse

Employees should be treated with respect and dignity and should not be subjected to any form of physical abuse or discipline, the threat of physical abuse, sexual or other harassment and verbal abuse or other forms of intimidation.



Employees should not be subjected to discrimination in employment, including hiring, compensation, promotion or discipline, on the basis of gender, race, religion, caste, age, disability, sexual orientation, pregnancy, marital status, nationality, political opinion, trade union affiliation, social or ethnic origin or other status protected by law.


Freedom of Association and Right to Collective Bargaining

The rights of employees to lawfully associate or not to associate with groups of their choosing shall be respected, as per applicable laws. The right of employees to engage in collective bargaining as permissible by law shall also be recognized.


Regular Employment

To every extent possible work performed should be on the basis of recognized employment relationship established through national law and practice.


Wages & Benefits

Employees should be paid in a timely manner and at a rate not less than the minimum wage as required by State & Regional laws. Employees should also be provided with legally-mandated benefits, including holidays and leaves, and statutory compensations at the time of ending employment. There should not be any disciplinary deductions from their pay.


Working Hours

The duration of working hours including overtime shall not exceed 60 hours per week. Suppliers should comply with applicable laws governing regular working hours and overtime hours. All overtime hours are voluntary and should be compensated as per legal requirements. Employees should be provided with at least 24 consecutive hours of rest in every 7 day periods.


Health & Safety

Employees should be provided with appropriate safe and healthy working conditions including first aid, fire safety, emergency evacuation and other basic requirements such as canteen / dining area, drinking water, sanitation etc. A system in place to identify and mitigate work place hazards which can result in illness or physical harm to the employees, visitor or communities.



Environmental initiatives are considered an integral part of responsible manufacturing. Reasonable measures should be taken to avoid any adverse impact on human health and/or the environment by avoiding or minimizing pollution from manufacturing activities, and promoting sustainable use of such resources as energy and water.


Compliance with Local Law

Business partners & Suppliers shall comply with all local and national laws and regulations of the jurisdictions in which we are doing business as well as the practices of respective industry. Business partners and suppliers shall further work with suppliers who are committed to meeting required standards as per local & national laws.


Right of Inspection/Audit

ABC Express or a third party designated by ABC Express will take certain actions, such as announced or unannounced inspection/audit of production facilities of its Suppliers, to implement and monitor these standards. All observations, discussions and written information received from the supplier are to be treated confidentially by ABC Express, its employees and any third party organizations appointed by ABC Express for this purpose.