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Indian Foreign Minister JS Shankar had complained a few days ago that the division of the subcontinent was wrong, the areas which India needed, could not get it.

This statement clearly meant that the British Crown did not provide India with any land access to Russia and Central Asian countries in the north. Their contention is correct, but they should also note that according to the basis on which the formula for the division of the subcontinent was decided and then implemented, the majority of Hindus were in the central and southern provinces, neither were they in the east. Muslims, Christians and Buddhists were in large numbers while in the west Punjab, Sindh, Frontier and Baluchistan were the majority of Muslims, while Kashmir which is located in the north was and still is a majority of Muslims.

Immediately after independence, Nehru entered his troops in Kashmir. On the other hand, Pakistan, with the help of local fighters, saved the western and northern areas of Kashmir from being occupied by India, and these are the areas that India needed to reach Russia and Central Asian countries from these areas by land. Access was possible, in 1991 Russia had liberated most of its southern states.

These are developing countries, they are the best market for India’s products, although India is still sending its products to these countries, but it is becoming expensive to send them by air or sea, so it wants to trade by land. Which can reduce the cost.

So far, India has fought many wars with Pakistan and has prevented the freedom of Kashmiris, due to which its relations with Pakistan are going bad from the beginning. has been granted access but he used this trade route for sabotage. So it started shipping to Central Asian countries through Iran’s Chabahar port. In fact, the Indian ruler wants land access to Central Asia from the beginning. But he could not succeed.

On the other hand, terrorism continued in Pakistan for many years, but finally Pakistan’s proud intelligence agencies broke the back of terrorism. Meanwhile, Indian spy Kulbhushan was caught in Balochistan. This person is currently in Pakistani custody. The Indian government tried hard to free him from Pakistani prison and even took the matter to the International Court of Justice, but it was not successful.

India was still using the Chabahar port when Iran tried to build a nuclear bomb and then due to bad relations with Israel, the US government imposed several new sanctions on it, including all countries that trade with Iran and related to it. There was also a ban on having relations, so India was away from this project for many years, but now it has decided to work on this project again.

A few days ago, a ten-year agreement has been reached between Iran and India in this regard. Under this agreement, India will invest 370 million dollars on the Chabahar project. It will now complete the works that could not be done earlier so that its route to Russia and Central Asian countries can be restored, but it seems that India may try to worsen the situation in Pakistan as the Gwadar port is also in the final stages of construction. has been

Not only India, many other countries are afraid of the development of this port, the reason being that China will use it and its development can double the development of Pakistan. However, at present, India seems to be aiming to regain the Chabahar port from Iran and its relations with the US government are deteriorating day by day.

The American government has not only expressed deep concern over the killing of a Sikh leader who was killed in Canada, but has strongly condemned the assassination attempt on a Sikh leader in its own country and blamed the Indian government for both of these incidents. At this time, India is very angry with the American sympathy on the problem of Khalistan and it seems that it wants to convince the United States that it is a strong country by signing the Chabahar port agreement with Iran. He will do whatever he wants. Let’s see what happens next, but now India cannot suppress the movement of Khalistan in any way.

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