Students in Kyrgyzstan should stay at home, Pakistani Ambassador

Students in Kyrgyzstan should stay at home, Pakistani Ambassador
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Students in Kyrgyzstan should stay at home, Pakistani Ambassador

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The Pakistani ambassador posted in Kyrgyzstan says that Pakistani students should stay at home until the situation returns to normal.

In a statement released by the spokesperson of the Foreign Office, it is said that the students are in contact with local law enforcement agencies, taking steps to ensure the safety of the students.

Spokesperson of the Foreign Office said that a message has been received from the Pakistani embassy in Kyrgyzstan. The Pakistani embassy is in contact with the Kyrgyz authorities.

The Pakistani Embassy in Kyrgyzstan has issued a contact telephone number for male and female students.

The Pakistani ambassador says that in case of emergency contact 00996507567667.

It should be noted that riots broke out in Kyrgyzstan after a dispute between students, there are unconfirmed reports of the death of many students and the rape of female students.

Pakistani students have also been tortured and a Pakistani student says that it is being claimed in a WhatsApp group of students that three Pakistani students have also been killed, but these reports coming through Geo News social media are not confirmed. can do

Pakistani medical students in Bishkek, Muhammad Abdullah, Hasnain and many others have had an exclusive conversation with Geo News.

They say that the dispute started due to the harassment of the Egyptian students by the Kyrgyz students. The riots broke out after the Egyptian students reacted against the Kyrgyz students.

Kyrgyz students are attacking foreign students all over Bishkek, Geo News has also spoken to some students, but they did not come on video and gave an audio message.

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