Take Farah Gogi too

Take Farah Gogi too
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Take Farah Gogi too


Let me give you an example ‘Suppose you are a big investor’ your job is to invest in various businesses’ industries and start-ups’ you have an old friend and the friend’s son invests in his business. Wants ‘Friend highly recommends son and his business to you’ You also know friend’s son ‘Child is also very polite’ Hardworking and expert in his work.

After a few meetings you agree to invest in his project and you take your friend with you to Cross’ office. The location of the young man’s office is good and so is the office. There is a fight going on ‘There are three partners in the company and all three are abusing each other’ Chairs and tables are moving and lights are being broken in the office’ you get disturbed by this scene.

Your friend’s son immediately grabs you and takes you to the next room, locks the door from inside and starts serving you, but meanwhile his partner starts banging on the door from outside, you sit inside. You also hear their insults and feel their intensity and hatred. Both your friend and his son become very ashamed. They serve you wholeheartedly. But the question is, will you invest in this project despite their service and lifelong friendship? And this investment is thirty or forty billion dollars! I’m sure your answer will be no, you will respect your friend.

You will also treat his son with kindness and love’ pat his head with affection’ whenever he comes to you’ you will meet him’ you will serve him and also give him two or four million dollars. will give but when it comes to investment, you will flatly refuse. Why? Because you know your money is going to waste in this company, it’s better to throw that money down the drain.

Saudi Arabia is also telling us the same at this time. We expected that the Saudi crown prince would come to Pakistan and the series of investments in the country would begin, which the Islamic brotherhood had promised us, but the visit of Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Why? Because Saudi Arabia’s intelligence agencies believe that “Pakistan is not yet fully developed,” the war of partners continues in the country.

Therefore, there is no point in coming here and their opinion is not wrong. Think for yourself, if you are a billionaire or you are the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, would you invest in a country whose chief minister of a province? threatening to occupy the federal capital and storm the power supply office’ in which the opposition is calling the government a product of Form 47 and is not ready to accept it completely’ in which Imran Khan with more votes sitting in jail and he is threatening to chase the army chief from there till doomsday’ in which the watch, necklace and cipher case against the former prime minister is going on and one of his spokespersons is sitting on TV and saying this The Saudi crown prince also had a hand in the change of our government, in which an incident like May 9 has happened and the state has been able to determine the culprits and not punish anyone despite the passage of years.

In which Maulana Fazlur Rahman and PTI are making preparations for long march and along with all this, Punjabis are being shot in Balochistan, ‘Terrorism is common’, they threatened to make turbans of judges and play with them. I am going and the Supreme Court is sitting on a pile of 57,000 cases and making decisions on political cases and the politicians are showing their eyes to the judiciary every day and along with this spectacle, the world is listening to the abuse of mother and sister in the Parliament House every day. You are seeing announcements of hanging the dead from their graves.

You tell yourself if you were Prince Mohammad Salman, would you invest in this country? No, if we have to wake up from the sleep of stupidity and some such person or official should step forward and play the role of father. It is more appropriate if the Chief Justice tries to bring all the stakeholders together and fix a framework, bury the past mistakes and start the journey forward together. If we do, the trip may start to be cut off, otherwise we are standing on the brink of total destruction. There is a pool of lava below. We are walking along its edge and elbowing each other. will .

This is the state of the country. The Prime Minister formed the Economic Advisory Council two days ago. It has eight members, five of whom are businessmen and all five of them have their own interests. Nephew and Chief Executive of Nishat Chunian Ltd. Shehzad Saleem, Zaid Bashir, son of Haji Bashir Ali, owner of Gul Ahmed Group, Mossadeq Zulqarnain, Chairman of Interloop, Ejaz Bani, Professor of Limz University, Asif Peer, CEO of Software Company System Ltd. Sulaiman Ahmed, senior partner of Mackenzie in Pakistan.

All these people are big names and undoubtedly have a lot of contribution in Pakistan’s economy, but at the same time, it is also a fact that they have strong economic interests with the government, for example, four out of eight members own power plants. Jahangir Tareen is the biggest player in the sugar sector and also generates electricity. He is indeed a visionary person and his suggestions will be very useful for the country and the government, but the question is whether they will benefit the country. How will you harm yourself? Will they close their sugar mills? Sugar mill waste (bagasse) power plant will be closed! Saqib Shirazi also owns a power plant.

They are also making and selling Honda vehicles and they promised the government 25 years ago that we will produce the vehicles in the country and then export them, but the promise has not been fulfilled till date, even though they have a relationship with the government. FADA continues and it is currently a member of the council that is supposed to advise the Prime Minister directly – will it advise the government against itself? They are also running power plants” Shahzad Saleem is also a major player in power generation and textiles” will they also allow a policy against IPPs and textile sector? Zaid Bashir belongs to Gul Ahmed group.

These are the sons of Haji Bashir. On the one hand, they are the owners of the power plant and on the other hand, they have built a taxi company in Dubai with a huge investment, which currently has around a thousand vehicles. Is this also a policy against IPPs? Will they allow it to be made or will they create a thousand vehicle company in Dubai and make the government plan to invest in the country? Ejaz Bani is a professor of Lums, ‘How big is this cannon, ask the professors and students of Lums’ Sulaiman Ahmed’s company Mackenzie is digitizing FBR and it is also included in the Prime Minister’s Advisory Council with this business deal. However, two people in the committee are very good and selfless.

Mossadeq Zulqarnain and Asif Pir’ Mossadq Zulqarnain is the chairman of Interloop, the largest socks company and apparently has no conflict with the government. He is also a visionary person. Asif Pir is the CEO of System Limited. Countries have invested, its growth is very good and it also has no conflict with the government, but the remaining six people are directly affected by the government and the government is directly affected by them. I am a supporter of businessmen.

I understand from the bottom of my heart that if business runs in the country, then the country will run. If the business is closed, the country is closed, but at the same time, the conflict of financial interests is also a great truth of the world. If you give it, this experiment will not work, but if you still want to do this experiment, then please include Farah Gogi in this council. This baby’s growth was more than all of them. He had earned trillions of rupees by performing only one marriage, so what can be a better business model than this? You should also take it to the council. I think it will not only put the country on its feet in two months, but also make the Prime Minister a mentor.

Take Farah Gogi too