The Chief Minister issued an important order

The Chief Minister issued an important order
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The Chief Minister issued an important order

Lahore (Daily Pakistan Online) Honour-based digitization of revenue forms, all locations of Punjab will be done, the Chief Minister has issued an important order. According to the details, a special meeting was held under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz regarding the Board of Revenue Reforms – Briefing was given on Punjab Urban Land Systems in Enhancement (Pulse) project – Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz directed to take necessary steps for digitization – Land Digitization Ordered to ensure the cooperation of the concerned departments in the process of-

During the briefing, it was informed that land record digitization is being done under the Pulse project with the support of the World Bank. Punjab Land Record Authority and Management of State Land briefing on business plan issues – Honor based digitization of all the sites of Punjab will be done – Revenue system will be made transparent through partition of land and parcel document – Government in every way Clear property will be declared green -Issued land will be declared yellow and red -Proposal to end joint account system will be seriously considered -Each buyer will get a separate property number to reduce legal complications – The system of personal ownership and transfer of land will also be simplified by digitization – Overseas property transfer service for overseas Pakistanis has been reviewed – In the overseas property transfer service, individual, mutation, e-filing and registration are being facilitated.

Information Minister Azma Zahid Bukhari, MPA Sania Ashiq, Chief Secretary, Chairman P&D, Head of SMU and other officials also attended the meeting.

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