the dream of military rule over Gaza; There was a split in the Israeli cabinet

the dream of military rule over Gaza;  There was a split in the Israeli cabinet
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the dream of military rule over Gaza; There was a split in the Israeli cabinet

The Israeli prime minister and ministers came face to face over the establishment of military rule after the end of Hamas in Gaza

Tel Aviv: Sharp differences emerged between Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yuvigilant over the long-term presence and governance of the Israeli army in Gaza.

According to the World News Agency, Israeli Defense Minister Yves Galant has said that we must end the rule of Hamas in Gaza through a major military operation and try to install another government in place of Hamas.

The defense minister added that there are only two options for Gaza, either the existence of the Hamas government or Israeli military rule in Gaza, but I will oppose military rule and urge Prime Minister Netanyahu to abandon this plan.

The Israeli defense minister openly expressed his objections to his own prime minister’s Gaza policy on television, which sparked the conflict and inconsistency between Prime Minister Netanyahu, ministers and senior government figures in the Gaza war.

Later, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, without naming the defense minister, said that the retired admiral (i.e. defense minister) is still making excuses about being able to control Hamas even after eight months of the Gaza war.

In Israel’s 3-member war committee, along with Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister, former General Benny Gantz, who justified the position of the Minister of Defense instead of his Prime Minister on this dispute, said that Yuvigilant spoke the truth.

It should be noted that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu wants to establish military rule in Gaza by abolishing the Hamas government, which is opposed by his ministers and allied countries such as the United States.

Israel’s allied countries, the United States, the United Kingdom, etc., and government ministers also want to see the establishment of a Palestinian Authority government in Gaza after the end of the Hamas government, for which back-to-door negotiations are also ongoing.

However, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has refused to form a government in Gaza, calling the Palestinian Authority an enemy party.

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