The Krak’in 2.0 – Innovative Shotgun Tool with Built-in Funnel – Great for Tailgate, Golf Course, Beach, Grad Party, Bachelorette Party, College House Party, Spring Break, Snowboarding, etc.

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Product Description

Two People Using The Krak'InTwo People Using The Krak'In

Effortless and Easy to Use

No more poking sloppy key holes in cans or cutting your thumb. The Krak’in was designed to be easy to use whether you’re a first time shotgunner or full on party animal. You never have to worry about spills or mess when shotgunning with the Krak’in.

3 Cans With Krak'Ins3 Cans With Krak'Ins

The Krak’in Works on Any Size Can

You can forget about having to buy a separate drinking tool for every occasion. The Krak’in has a patented flexible design that allows it to fit on everything from seltzers to energy drinks.

Using The Krak'In While Hiking In MountainsUsing The Krak'In While Hiking In Mountains

You Can Take the Krak’in Anywhere

Say goodbye to carrying around large funnels. The Krak’in was designed for portability. Easily drop it in your pocket, toss it in your bag, or clip it to your keychain so you always have it at the best times.

Partying After Graduation With The Krak'InPartying After Graduation With The Krak'In

Using The Krak'In While SnowboardingUsing The Krak'In While Snowboarding

Two Friends Shotgunning With The Krak'InTwo Friends Shotgunning With The Krak'In

Have All Eyes on You

Watch heads turn when you pull out the Krak’in in a social setting. It will get any pre-game or party started so that you can always make the good times even better.

Perfect for Any Occasion

Whether you’re at a tailgate, on the golf course, or hitting some slopes, this device is a show stopper.

Get One for a Friend & Race

There’s nothing better than a little competition with some friends. Get one for the whole squad and see who’s the fastest.

NO MORE SPILLS OR MESS! Effortless and easy to use, the built-in shotgun funnel allows for a fast, smooth, and clean chugging experience. Much safer and more fun than using your keys, knife, or thumb.
THE KRAK’IN WORKS ON ALL CANS (soda, energy drinks, iced tea, seltzer, and canned water), as we’ve proven in the VIRAL “Will it Krak’in” Series on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.
The ULTRA PORTABLE AND DURABLE DESIGN makes the Krak’in the perfect party tool to take with you everywhere you go (fit into pocket, toss in bag, clip on keychain).
GREAT UNIQUE GIFT for anyone! Perfect for groomsmen gifts, dad gifts, boyfriend gifts, party favors, gag gifts, etc. Get one for your whole squad and race to see who has the fastest chug.
PERFECT FOR ANY OCCASION (golfing, camping, skiing, tailgating, concert, festival, wedding, bachelor party, college party, frat party, sorority party, pool party, party game, etc).