There was a sun that accompanied the sun

There was a sun that accompanied the sun
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There was a sun that accompanied the sun

There are fortunes in their shadow

There are trees in father’s house

Someone has well said that “Father is the most difficult role in the story of life” and no one can play this role except “Father”. Because the father’s shadow is a shade or a tree that nurtures the children in such a way that the son or daughter never feels alone. The shield also becomes the father.

The pain of a father can only be known by those who have lost him at any age. Because the father is separated from us, but his separation itself follows us till our last breath and repeatedly gives us the feeling that a great being. The shadow is not with us. When we feel very lonely or sad or in a difficult situation, there is a sense of father or mother as a strong wall that gives us the courage to face the situation. The suffering of life without action is very painful, but death is also true and everyone has to go.

On May 23, 2005, I and my siblings lost our father, Grami Abdul Karim Abid. 18 years have passed but the pain of their separation is still alive today. It seems that their separation has scattered everything. As a scholarly, intellectual, ideological, moral and journalistic person, apart from our family members, he had a different color and recognition of his personality. He worked in journalism in Pakistan and India for more than 60 years and always wrote and spoke what he wanted to say. felt

He was like a dervish and very simple, humble, slow-tempered and we always saw him reading or writing. He breathed his last when he was writing something. The feeling of being a father in the world. There is nothing more valuable than that. Of course, he is our father, whose presence gives us the feeling of a strong shelter, a strong wall and canopy, or creates a sense of strength or a desire to move forward, courage, passion in us.

Put me in the shade and burn myself in the sun

I have seen an angel in the form of a father

My father lived a difficult life and fought cancer for 35 years in these difficult circumstances and never let his disease get the better of him. He also did journalism with great self-reliance and whenever he felt that he was under pressure or restrictions or circumstances, he freed himself and went out in search of new employment. Stayed connected with the right wing but never fell victim to other’s ideas, thoughts, beliefs, thoughts, hatred of religion or any prejudice.

This is the reason that in a wide circle of friends, his left-wing friends were also prominent. He not only had good friendships with people of different thoughts, but also wonderful friendships. Similarly, he never suffered from malice, envy, greed, prejudice and narrow-mindedness. An open and transparent life on which his friends and readers including me People were also very fond of it.

The journey from being a newspaper worker to being the editor of several national newspapers and magazines was connected with constant struggle, dedication and hard work and many people remember him as a teacher of editors. There was also a rise in the field and there was a system of dialogue and intellectual debate and respect between people with different views as opposed to violent tendencies. Now it is not journalism and not that journalist but the institution of the editor is gone. .

Someone said well that “everything can be found in the market, but heaven like mother and shade like father are never found. Likewise, someone wrote well in another place that “the presence of the father is like the sun, if the sun is warm. Of course it happens, but if there is no sun, it becomes dark. This is the reason that it is said that “even if a thousand loves are combined and sacrificed on the dust of a father’s feet, the price of this dust will not be paid.” Well said:

What should I do with the dimensions of the earth?

My world is only like the shadow of my father

Today, whenever I feel practically alone, I lighten my sorrow by just remembering my father or mother and I always remember their one sentence that life is a struggle, toil or reward or success and failure.

A successful person is one who has big goals or goals and goals that aim not only to change their condition but also to change their surroundings along with their collective consciousness. Scolds children or tries to impose their will, wishes or agenda on them. They used to support but were against coercion.

There was a sun that accompanied the sun