Think of Dubai Unlock as a lock!

Think of Dubai Unlock as a lock!
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Think of Dubai Unlock as a lock!

People have known for a long time that there is something special in Dubai that every wealthy person goes there for fun.

The number of daily flights and number of passengers between Lahore and Karachi is much less than the number of daily flights and number of passengers from Pakistan to Dubai. This series of tastes and interests is not a story of today, but it has been growing for thirty-five years.

The involvement of the residents of these countries is prominent in Dubai’s current lash push. Jobs, labor and business are important in this lash push. However, another key factor has also contributed to this lash push. The UAE, including Dubai, has long been considered a property “paradise” for investors around the world. Why? First of all, Dubai has been continuously criss-crossing the desert and erecting high-rise buildings in the sky for the past four decades. Secondly, it is the best and closest center of tourism and entertainment for the whole world in general but for South Asia in particular.

Flights and tourist relays arrive on weekends from neighboring countries as well. Third: Despite the traditional desert bodo bash background, Dubai has also ensured a safe urban and open society environment. Fourthly, except for the last two or three years, investments from all over the world required no question and no hassle of vetting.

Property investment in Dubai in particular and the UAE in general has always been highly sought after by Pakistan’s elite. The elite, reluctant to invest in their own country, preferred to invest their capital in the UAE. A few times the FBR asked for the details of Pakistani investors at the government level, but nothing came except silence and indifference. When Chairman Shabbar Zaidi tried during the PTI period, he got the same message from the diplomatic level to the ministerial level. What work have you fallen into? Will the country be angry? Just now they have given favor of deposit. Keep your hands light!

For the past several years, the name of Pakistan has been included in the prominent list of the first five to seven countries among the countries investing in the UAE and especially in Dubai. The volume of investment was also reported in millions of billions of dollars annually.

God bless the foreign exchange rules of the 90s, no question or reference from the sender, no inquiry from the person requesting the money. Buying vegetables and fruits might take some time, but remittance or remittance was possible in even less time. Due to political infighting since the 1990s, the deportation of Tung and post-9/11 visa and capital inquiries in the US and Europe etc., Dubai emerged as an alternative to the friendly city for the elite.

Two days ago, the details of dozens of research reports from many countries of the world came out, and it was revealed that the 23 thousand citizens of the country of Khudadad, who attended the IMF for the 24th time, are in better condition than the state of Pakistan in the Arabian desert. According to media reports, Pakistani nationals including former government officials, political figures, bureaucrats and businessmen own properties worth $12.5 billion in Dubai based on market value.

This was revealed on Tuesday in a global collaborative journalism project called “Dubai Unlocked”, which details the ownership and use of millions of properties in Dubai. Most of the property investigations were conducted between 2020 and 2022. The data includes more than 17,000 properties that were owned by Pakistani citizens by 2022. It is also noted that the data only mentions any financial assets. Does not prove crime or tax fraud.

According to the investigation report, the data does not include information such as residential status, sources of income, tax returns from rental income or receipt of financial benefits. When contacted by media houses for a comment on the properties, several of the above-mentioned personalities said that the tax authorities had already been informed about it, meaning that our assets are declared. God bless you.

Yadash Bukhare 2016, the Panama Leaks created a worldwide sensation. The names of more or less 500 citizens of Pakistan came up, however, Odham and “legal action” came only to the then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. As for the remaining 500 people, most of the notices sent by the FBR returned without receipt. Thus, despite the occasional uproar, the system of sending capital out without interruption continued.

In this background, we think that there is a two-day scandal, some other hot topic will light the fire on the media. Two days later, no one will even remember that 23 thousand Pakistanis own more than 17 thousand properties in Dubai Unlock, with a current market value of 12.5 billion dollars. Most of the famous people shrugged their shoulders and issued clarifications to those who were interested in asking that everything was declared.” What better answer to “Unlock Dubai” than “Lock”. For God’s sake, he knows that nothing will happen to Panama Leaks and nothing will happen to Dubai Leaks. If it happens, only they will face the “leaks” of their pockets against the prices of electricity, gas and oil.

Think of Dubai Unlock as a lock!