This country is ours – Express Urdu

This country is ours – Express Urdu
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This country is ours – Express Urdu

Zainab was barely six years old, but her intelligence and perseverance made her much older than her age. There was nothing like children. Grandmother used to say to her, “This is not a daughter, but a grandmother has been born in our house.” Aware of every point of every thing, Grandmother Amma was singing her songs at that time when she returned from school, as soon as she came, she said to her mother, Amma! The mouths of those who tell lies smell bad, and the angels do not come near them, and then Allah also curses…” “How do you know?”

Amma saw the expressions on his face and said, “Amma!” It is written in the Qur’an, “The curse of Allah is upon the liars”. “Yes son! Zainab, you are right.” Mother’s face showed a mixture of smile and surprise, “Mom, tell me one thing, these birds and ratto parrots are good liars, they don’t fear Allah…” “Hey, when man does not fear Allah, why should the birds be afraid?”

“Hey Allah… Why are you so dull-minded?” I don’t understand.” Zainab’s grandmother was listening to her granddaughter’s words with great attention. At the last sentence, she laughed heartily, Amma spoke with fake anger. “This is how they talk to adults”… “Amma. So how do you do it? Now look, the one who spoke the truth has been caught. Mom! It’s been a year since Uncle Sadaqat was arrested, please tell me what was his mistake? They used to tell the truth and the last time they spoke a little more and the liars say such things that it makes me laugh and also angry. How will you talk to “…” Hey Zainab, son, the stench must be coming from everyone’s mouth, now these people are used to it, there is no difference between lies and truth.

“Okay grandma, let’s go change uniform, freshen up and then eat.”

As soon as Zainab entered the room, Grandma Amma once again started laughing, “Is this a girl or a disaster…” Amma Actually, today’s children understand everything very well and understand everything. In fact, our society has become a breeding ground for evils, good evils and dishonesty have taken their wings. There was a lack of education. They regularly take 5,000 as a bribe as if they are receiving a fee.

The current situation is that the sad situation in the examinations in the Karachi Board of Secondary Education came to light when DC Malir visited the examination center, he saw that in the examination centers of district Malir, 70 students in a room with a capacity of 20 students, Papers are being taken from 70 students, 4 students are busy solving the paper at each desk, the papers are also being given out, these are the four unrelated persons as per the order of DC during the exam which is hostile to the country and the nation. was taken into custody.

Seeing the buying and selling of education and its bad condition, they reached the examination center of Landhi, but when they arrived late, the administration closed the doors of the school, demonstrating stubbornness. Zainab gave a bite, Amma continued to read the newspaper loudly ignoring Zainab’s words, but after 5 minutes, SP and DC were allowed in. The situation there was no different. were solving, the procedure of copying in New Karachi School was such that there was no restriction and pressure on the students.

Deputy Commissioner Central Fawad Ghaffar Soomro and Assistant Commissioner New Karachi Arslan Tariq visited the examination center on an emergency basis and it was seen by their eyes that the paper was received through WhatsApp before the examination started and the students They had full freedom to share the solved paper with each other, and these exams were of class 10th, matric success was the ladder to climb, students who passed by copy got important responsibilities and What will you do for the national interest?

Apart from taking bribes and distributing certificates of achievement on the basis of recommendation, since they have just reached this point, the copycats, school owners and teachers numbering ten, have been detained, but There is no point in this arrest, very soon the recommendation of the superiors will grant him freedom and the education system will continue as it is.

“Think and consider that Quaid-e-Azam had called the students as the builders of the country, that the country will develop with their own tails. Oh mother, he is a bird, he just wants to put a grain in his beak. Those who are scolded are the ones who say, “Zainab, don’t you know that you are acting like a fool?” “Um, I have a big heart. There is someone in Pakistan who acts with justice, right? Don’t they know what’s going to happen to them?” Then she ran quickly and fetched the newspaper from the study room. Yes, but while telling the truth, their mouths would be locked, and in lying, these people have taken PhD degrees, every department, even the department where the mouths of those who do justice stink, angels are theirs. They don’t come close, because their greed, injustice has locked innocent people in the four walls of hanging and prison. “

“Shut up now” Zainab Amma scolded her, then she said with satisfaction. “…” “Good son, be quiet while eating.”

“Rato Tuti” he turned back and looked at his brother Umar with bored eyes, then everyone laughed together, “What’s the point of laughing in this, we all have to save our country together.” This country was built after giving thousands of sacrifices, we love every corner of it, we will not let a single corner of it be sold, this is our country, it is ours. I was crying a lot.

This country is ours – Express Urdu