Train Journey (Part I)

Train Journey (Part I)
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Train Journey (Part I)

I have always loved traveling by train, very romantic. Train passing through new cities, train stopping at stations, sounds of local shopkeepers, tea, coffee, ice cream, biryani and I don’t know what sounds from hearing. They collide. During my college days, I used to make big trips to Lahore with my teachers and fellow students, the entire compartment was ours in the train we used to go.

If the car stopped in Multan, the girls would cling to the Multani work clothes, but I would not move from my place, I am always afraid that if I get off, the car will not move somewhere, and I will not be able to climb. I have not been able to know the reason for this fear till today, however, I myself make a psychological explanation that children who grow up in a lot of grace, even if they are the youngest, get a lot of attention from their parents. So they get scared alone.

Traveled by train about ten years ago, that too because a new train was running called Business Express, it was run by public private and Pakistan Railways, what a train of rage, very clean, spacious. Berths, more space in between, water dispensers installed, tea bags are with you so you can take hot boiling water and make hot tea, it was a great train, but for some reason it was stopped.

Then there was chaos on Pakistan Railways, sometimes trains derailed, sometimes collided, sometimes, no train reached its destination on time. So the journey started to be done by plane, but in the plane the passengers are isolated from each other, only family members talk if they are with them, otherwise they don’t even say hi to stranger passengers. There is a very artificial environment. However, on a long journey, a lone traveler may talk to the person sitting next to him.

On the contrary, a train journey is a journey of life. It is my experience that not only the national thinking is revealed in the train journey, but you also get to know the national and individual temperament. Some companions you find very open and sympathetic, some very strict. But if you have people with you, the train journey is much better.

For the past several months I have heard a lot of praise for the Green Line train on YouTube. We have also sat in the ordinary train of India and have also traveled to Rajdhani train which is really called Bamsami. It is not possible to compete with them, after hearing the praise of a Pakistani train after a long time, Railways has uploaded many videos on the Green Line. We also watched all those videos and got very impressed and decided to make a trip to Islamabad in this train.

Everyone advised not to travel by train alone, but those who traveled by this train in 2018 appreciated that it arrives on time and does not have too many stops. People also appreciated the food and in the videos that were uploaded, the breakfast and food trays were shown, in them there were double bread, jam, butter, tea bag tea for breakfast, biryani on a plate for dinner. Which was covered in thin plastic, there were two naans, chicken curry and a dal, everything looked very plentiful, along with the AC light switch in the compartment, mobile charging socket and with each seat. There was also a night bulb, which you could turn on as needed. All this was in AC Business and AC Parlor. However, in AC standard, the food was in a tray with four boxes and the breakfast was egg paratha, I did not touch the economy and got the booking done after Eid.

What I said above is that not only the national consciousness and mood is known in the train, but also individual attitudes are known. There was a mess that I didn’t get the bottom berth but the middle one. I was worried about how to climb up as the back pain was constant after my accident three years ago.

I canceled the booking from AC Parlor because the seats are just like airplane seats, turn it back at night, still get leg pain. Now here is the problem? But those who have traveled by this train assured that there is no problem. You are a senior citizen, people cooperate. You will change the berth by telling your compulsion. Otherwise, you will ask the ticket checker to change it. I was satisfied, when I reached the compartment, a thirty-five-year-old young man was lying on the lower berth playing with a mobile.

My brother informed him of my compulsion and requested him to move to the upper berth. He categorically denied that he would not do so. Then I thought that when the checker comes, I will request him to shift me somewhere else. After a while, the car started, an elderly man with white hair and a white beard, wearing a Croatian hat, was sitting on the opposite berth. They started asking me, “What’s the problem, why are you worried?” “When I told him the problem, he said, “No problem, fifteen of us are going to Pindi, there are boys and girls with us, anyone will sleep on your berth, you can take our berth. “

These elders belonged to a business community, I was satisfied. The ticket checker came and after seeing the ticket went away, I was lost in the scenery outside the train, suddenly at 11:30 pm three healthy women came in by opening the door and said in a very loud voice, “Empty the berth, this is our berth.” Generally, the women of this community are very talkative and Umar Sharif often used to make fun of them in his stage plays, for example his line “Ek… look, Zakat will be waived”. I was disturbed by their sudden invasion, then I said that the seniors who are with them have given me this berth, I have pain in my back.

So I can’t climb up, you can go and ask them, if you still insist, I will sit on the seat outside the compartment. Thank God that she obeyed me and left. Now listen, we lay down, but from the compartment next to it there was a continuous sound of loud talking and children screaming.

People in the business community are usually used to sleeping very late at night. So we continued to bear that travel is the name of getting out of our comfort zone. Another hour must have passed when the door was opened and three men came in. One of them came and said very sternly, “Please vacate our berth.” I felt very small at that moment. “If your seniors don’t give us berths, we would have asked the ticket checker to shift somewhere else.” And I also told them that my back was hurt. The same gentleman said, “It is not our problem that you are hurt.”

You vacate the berth” I also got angry, still I gently said “You should call your senior mate and ask him why he offered me this berth. Who can I change the berth with at this time?” After hearing this, the people standing behind said something to them in their own language. The three of them went back and after a while came and put a child on my berth. Later in the morning, when those elders came, I complained to them about the bad behavior of their people, so they said, “Ma’am! I’m sorry, I told them later that I stopped you.” After that, no one bothered me the whole day and I came comfortably to the full berth. ( to be continued)

Train Journey (Part I)