Who was the richest person in human history?

Who was the richest person in human history?
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Who was the richest person in human history?

Rio de Janeiro: Have you ever wondered who the richest man in the history of mankind was and what he looked like in the end?

According to media reports, a Brazilian graphic designer has answered this question by creating the face of Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s grandfather, Amenhotep, with the help of advanced software.

Amenhotep’s reign dates back 3,400 years. Surprisingly, most of the ancient statues found in Egypt are of this pharaoh, but his facial features have not been properly estimated until now.

To create Amenhotep Swaim’s face, graphic designer Cicero Morris first created a skull using data and photographs from the mummy, followed by the dimensions of his nose, ears, eyes and lips. Reconstructed them by estimating width and position.

Cicero Morris, who recreated the face of the richest man in history, said in an interview that if we are not mistaken, this is the first and most realistic map of the face of Menhotep Swim.

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